Is it Mindset: Navigating Lack-Based Emotions for Growing and Preserving Wealth

Most people call it mindset. I call it mentality. Why?

Because mindset is all about what’s happening in your conscious brain and when your clients experience Lack-Based emotions they come from the subconscious brain. At Presidential Lifestyle we label the subconscious brain as mentality. These thoughts, feelings, and the behaviors that go along with them have been going for years. Long before they were your client. 

In the world of financial advising, professionals often encounter the intricate realm of emotions tied to money. In the previous blog post, we explored Fear-Based Emotions. Today, let's talk about Lack-Based Emotions. You may have heard of this referred to as limiting beliefs. And you may not think your clients have them because they already have financial success. But what if they could have more. And by more I mean more than money; meaning, purpose, personal success, fulfillment. 

Lack-Based Emotions

In my research I’ve narrowed Lack-Based...

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Juggling money and meaning can trigger a midlife crisis, burn out, and imposter syndrome

As I wrap up my Financial Awareness Month conversations I wanted to invite you to continue the conversation with me in my community or inside your own community. I'd love to speak to your group or on your podcast about Financial Therapy.

I mentioned earlier this week that I’m participating in the Midlife Conversations Summit with Natalie Jill, and this is one way that I’m continuing the conversation.

This summit is focused on providing tips and inspiration for women who are navigating the challenges and opportunities that come with midlife. I'm excited to share my insights on how financial therapy can help women in this stage of life to find clarity and a sense of purpose while working to reach their financial goals.

My episode will be airing at the end of May but you can register right now. I’d love for you to tune in and listen to our conversation so you can determine why you’re not thriving financially< “yet”. Natalie is a great...

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How your money personality can block your love and money confidence

When it comes to your money, you get to decide how you want to spend it and whom you’d like to spend it on. However, the thought process that drives those decisions was put in place way before you ever received your first dollar.  Studies show that about 75% of our money beliefs are in place by age three. And 95% are in place by fifteen years old.

We default to childhood to make a money decision because that’s when our brains put our beliefs about money in place. This is true about all of our decisions, of course. The subconscious brain makes interpretations as we are growing and these interpretations slowly become our love, life, and money believes.

I call the money belief system your Money Mentality. Your Money Mentality is your money reality, because that’s how you perceive it. What you perceive, you believe, and you receive. What you believe about money shapes your life.

I’ll walk you through each Money Mentality and how they give and receive...

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