The Exceptional Man’s Quest for Success: When Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2023

They say all men are created equal. Whether that’s true or not, some stay ordinary while others evolve into the extraordinary. At Presidential Lifestyle, we call this man an exceptional man. This man gives his all to everything he does, on a quest for success, ready to achieve peak performance and plans to capture life's pleasure along the way.

He wants to enjoy the journey, like society says, but it's not just a journey; it's a full-blown quest. One with obstacles, demons, enemies, confusion, and greed. It also has love, passion, and an occasional wild sex scene in it too (probably not as many as he’ll tell you there are). He doesn’t tell you everything though. He holds back. He has secrets. He has challenges so complex and unique that he doesn’t know who to turn to for help on this adventure.

Sometimes, he doesn’t even trust himself. Does he sound familiar to you? This is the type of man I work with every day. He’s the reason why I made SelfSync Therapy my life’s work.


The Primal Battle of the Brain: Protection vs. Connection

Your brain is the navigation system for your life quest. Contrary to your belief, it isn’t programmed to create pleasure. It is wired for two primal objectives: protection and connection.

Protection means staying alive, while connection means staying part of the tribe. In a lot of ways, staying with the tribe is the best way to stay alive. This line of thinking is based on the brain’s ancient, unconscious program that is still running as your GPS system. Both protection and connection are important—but they are limited. Yes, they keep you alive, but there's more to life than just surviving.


Most men want to truly live!

Here's the twist—because your brain often focuses on just staying alive, it creates a conundrum. We call this conundrum, opposing goals. Herein lies man’s biggest challenge.


Opposing Goals: The Internal Problem

This problem isn’t his fault. Believe it or not, your first set of goals is set in place by age five. But what’s also happening from 0-5 years old is that society is programming you. So now, not only does man have to overcome his primitive brain programming, he must also separate from societal programming.

You're striving for success, but there's this tug-of-war happening inside you. On one side, your primal goal of protection—staying alive and being safe mixed with your societal goal to fit in and do what everyone else is doing. But on the other side, the desire for something more, something that truly fulfills you pushes you to test your programming.

Conflicting advice from both sides creates anxiety and stress. This internal struggle becomes a real obstacle on your quest for peak performance. To succeed, you’ll need to understand and tackle these opposing goals head-on. You can’t always do that on your own, so you may need a natural third party professional. One who has a tool that gives you the support that society couldn’t give you. A tool that gives you back your power. The power that’s always been there, underneath the piles of maladaptive beliefs. 


The Lone Wolf: Loneliness in the Pursuit of Excellence

It takes a while, but eventually the exceptional man finds the quest for success can often lead to loneliness, and here's why. After he is done filling the voids he feels with all the stuff money can buy like sex, drugs, material things, and even friendship, he starts to fill the emptiness of his life. Maybe you’ve gotten to this point. Maybe it’s not far away.

Even if you didn’t focus on filling your voids, you still may feel lonely. To reach your full financial potential, you sometimes have to distance yourself from others, especially those who aren’t on the same journey. The average man goes to work every day and does what he is told. The exceptional man charts his own course, puts his head down, and moves as fast as possible. Most people around him can't keep up, so he moves past them, and that can leave him feeling isolated. Even if he reaches his goal.

This lonely pursuit of happiness creates another opposing goal. Society says it’s lonely at the, but even though the statement doesn’t have to be true, you believe and accept it's the price you must pay for exceptionalism. It could be, but it doesn’t have to be when you have a professional guide on the quest with you to replace your primal brain and societal GPS.


That’s exactly what SelfSync Therapy does. It becomes your updated navigation system.

As we push ourselves to excel, we often find ourselves without a tribe. Every exceptional man needs a community he can pour into and one that pours into him. Without these two communities, his success will feel in vain. But the silver lining of any midlife crisis is that though it can be tough to feel the isolation, the pain often pushes the exceptional man to transform. Loneliness is his kryptonite. The only thing that he can’t bare, so the loneliness sets the stage for him to connect, both with himself and those who mean the world to him. 


Existential Crisis: Balancing Money, Meaning, and Relationships

There is a moment when success alone isn't cutting it anymore. When the money needs to be used to create a meaningful life experience, not just for him, but for family, community, and even his old friend society. You’ll know you’re experiencing an existential or midlife crisis because you’ll start questioning your choices, your priorities, and your relationships.

This crisis shifts you out of selfish ambition and into philanthropy. It pushes you to find the delicate balance between enjoying life today, preparing for your family's future without you, while creating a lasting legacy that you can take pride in. The money is still important, but you want money and meaning.


How do you navigate this? Well, we've got to rebuild those relationships, improve your reputations, and forge a new path that aligns with our true purpose. It's not just about the money anymore, but most exceptional men will pay whatever it takes to get life in alignment. He’ll pay the professional that will guide him on the quest to create a life that's rich in both financial success and meaningful connections.

The exceptional man's life is more than a journey; it’s a quest—a quest fueled by primal instincts, challenged by opposing goals, marked by moments of solitude, and ultimately transformed through a profound existential shift that leads him to the right guide. His Yoda, his Oracle, because let’s face it, every exceptional man isn’t just a hero. He is THE ONE, like Neo!

If you’re a man looking for your guide, a SelfSync Therapist might be exactly what you need for achieving peak performance to unleash your full financial potential. 


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