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Our study revealed 1 out of 6 business leaders fear losing their team. Are you one of them? The key to keeping your team aligned is finding the right program to get the whole organization to the top of their mental health game.


"Mental health is no longer about mental illness, it's about mental wellness. Loneliness, burn out, and imposter syndrome are the most common symptoms we are treating right now because of all the recent changes in the world. We know how to get to the bottom of these emotions and get fast results without spending a lot of time talking about feelings."

Kiné Corder, MA, NCC
CEO, Presidential Lifestyle


... Now that people are working from home there are new challenges. It use to be that people could choose to bring their work home, now work is always there. 

...But the same is true for home life. Going to work was an escape for many people. Working from home also means home is always there.

You've tried everything you can think of to build a thriving workplace. Despite all the effort, you just can't seem to get your team aligned. 

And for that reason, you and your team's mental health is suffering. (Whether you know it or not.)


  • Executive coaching to give you and your team a strategy

  • Courses or speeches to motivate you

  • Nor do you need old fashion talk therapy


  • Someone that knows what you and your team are going through right now

  • Certified practitioners there when you need them with a proven program that gets fast, long lasting results 

  • A community for you as a  leaders and one for your team, that allows you all to be honest without penalty or judgement and know that you're not alone

Our mental health program is for you and your team if...

  • You're dedicated to helping your team find mental clarity but you know you can't do it alone 

  • As the leader you're willing to start with yourself. You have a full life and a lot of responsibilities you can't escape, so your mental health is important, but you want fast, long lasting results.

  • You don't know who's more stressed, you or your team, but you're tired of it and you're ready to do something about it right now. You just need the right solution.

If this sounds like you, take action now before this fixable problem gets worse. Click the green button below to speak with a TAME YOUR BRAIN representative that will match you with the right program and practitioner.

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