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That's the theme of today's Presidential Experience Masterclass.

When you try the CILI by Design CBD products, you will love them because you will feel better, get more sleep, reduce anxiety, have more energy, and you may even get off of some of your old medications.

When that happens you will want to tell everyone about how quickly you improved your health. 

...so you might as well get paid.  

You will improve your health and wealth after you listen to this masterclass.

Join us (TODAY) Saturday, January 11th at 12:00pm EST/11:00am CST/9:00am PST

Here are the details:

Zoom Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 229 068 2754

Feel pain, anxiety, or losing sleep and want to buy the products right now. Go to http://cilibydesign.com/presidential 

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5 questions I ask every patient in my Financial Therapy sessions

Many therapy sessions focus on “the problem” and require the patient to talk about that problem over and over...until maybe, they are so tired of talking about it that they finally take action. Talk therapy in many instances focuses on self-awareness. Although I am a trained counselors and I do believe awareness has its place, the Financial Therapy I administer is focused on healing and not necessarily awareness. Awareness doesn’t equal healing.

At PRESIDENTIAL LIFESTYLE we’ve branded our Financial Therapy and call it Prosperous Life Coaching. Because healing is the focus of the program, I use hypnotherapy to facilitate healing, but I have access to ten different healing modalities. If you live long enough you will experience trauma. What the brain codes as trauma is complex. What may appear to be a small forgettable event to one, is a life altering event for another.

Like traditional talk therapy, in financial therapy some of the questions asked are...

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A Healthy Morning Routine Creates a Prosperous Life

You may have heard that having a healthy morning routine increases your rate of success. Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t. In this post I’ll give you ideas to help you determine what a healthy morning routine would like for you. I’ll also help you see how small changes can make a big impact.   

During my master class, Love Your Life, I share the first 2-steps in my Prosperous Life Program. Creating your idea of prosperity is one of them. Prosperity means different things to different people, so becoming clear on what the word prosperity means to you, can be helpful.

Your idea of prosperity

Nobody can give you your idea of prosperity. You can’t do it by copying someone else. You have to know what your idea of prosperity looks like and how it feels. There is a financial feeling, a romantic feeling, and a feeling of well being that is personal to you. Creating a healthy morning routine is the first part of your prosperous day, which leads into your...

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