Not that you care, but if you want love from a teenager try this.

"I wanted to make sure I apologized for anything a did in the past to hurt her." That's what my teenage patient said to me, referring to his best friend.

This young man, and his best friend decided to have a conversation about past pain they caused each other. They wanted to clear the air and start over fresh. Nobody told them to do it, it was something they decided themselves. The goal was to forgive each other and grow in their friendship. 

This is a conversation most married couples need to have, but they can't, because they're too prideful to be vulnerable. These teenagers didn't know how tough this conversation would be. It was so painful that they decided to give each other a few weeks to process and forgive. They agreed that in a few weeks they would come back together and move forward with their new friendship, free from the past pain. 

You think I'm making this story up...?


I'm not...

...but I know, it's sounds too good to be real, but it's real. The only...

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What's Now: A bikini, a meditation, and an uncivilized conversation

blog Jul 10, 2020

I had a breakthrough at the pool in a bikini. The picture at the bottom right was when I was in full on think mode, and my brain was about to catch on fire. Then top right, the thoughts started to formulate. And on the left as you can see...I'm happy. EUREKA! 


I was also on, The Uncivilized Podcast with Traver Boehm. You may remember him, he's been on our podcast a few times. Here is the link to the episode, click here to listen now. I really punched some people in their hearts. 



And I took over The Heal Space Instagram account. I did a live hypnotherapy training. You should check it out. it's a free hypnotherapy  training and I teach how to hypnotize yourself. Here's the link to that video. 


Here's where it get's really good. I launch a new meditation series called, Meaningful Meditation Series. It is some of my best meditation work. Chalene Johnson, my friend and one of my business mentors requested it. She is...

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White privilege is not the problem, this is...

blog Jun 01, 2020

Instead of what I originally planned to say, I want to give you this. This is how I will do my part to heal the world and make it a better place…for you and for me and the entire human race.


Today, I had an email scheduled to go out reminding you all that the doors to the MASTERCLASS LEVEL of Presidential Experience Private Club are open. We only open our doors twice a year and now is that time, so it was a critical email. I had to shift, as important as that email was, because this is even more important. And although we are starting a journey together to shift our idea of wealth, health, and LOVE, I have to say this first.


Speaking of love…

I deleted the original message because, what we need right now more than ever is more LOVE. I know that you are likely overwhelmed by the pandemonium happening around you. (I am too.) I rather this email encourage you to LOVE rather than join the club.


Love like you’ve never loved before. Love...

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blog wealth wellness Jan 11, 2020


That's the theme of today's Presidential Experience Masterclass.

When you try the CILI by Design CBD products, you will love them because you will feel better, get more sleep, reduce anxiety, have more energy, and you may even get off of some of your old medications.

When that happens you will want to tell everyone about how quickly you improved your health. you might as well get paid.  

You will improve your health and wealth after you listen to this masterclass.

Join us (TODAY) Saturday, January 11th at 12:00pm EST/11:00am CST/9:00am PST

Here are the details:

Zoom Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 229 068 2754

Feel pain, anxiety, or losing sleep and want to buy the products right now. Go to 

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