White privilege is not the problem, this is...

blog Jun 01, 2020

Instead of what I originally planned to say, I want to give you this. This is how I will do my part to heal the world and make it a better place…for you and for me and the entire human race.


Today, I had an email scheduled to go out reminding you all that the doors to the MASTERCLASS LEVEL of Presidential Experience Private Club are open. We only open our doors twice a year and now is that time, so it was a critical email. I had to shift, as important as that email was, because this is even more important. And although we are starting a journey together to shift our idea of wealth, health, and LOVE, I have to say this first.


Speaking of love…

I deleted the original message because, what we need right now more than ever is more LOVE. I know that you are likely overwhelmed by the pandemonium happening around you. (I am too.) I rather this email encourage you to LOVE rather than join the club.


Love like you’ve never loved before. Love like you’ve never been hurt before. Love like you’ve never been judged before. Love like it’s safe to love. 


I love my tribe. And as a tribe leader, I feel I have a responsibility to guide my tribe in a way that is best for all involved using that love. However, doing what’s best for everyone is difficult because we have so many cultures, ethnicities, lifestyles, genders, and even ways of thinking. We are all different, but we have something in common, that is, our ability to love.


I’m aware of what is happening, and if I listen to my own advice and control the controllable, the truth is, I do not control the chaos. What I do control is myself. I cannot let what is happening in the world determine what is happening inside of me. I have to stay calm and on course while interpreting the information that is coming at me. I must protect my tribe.


Right now, I feel love from you. Right now, I give love to you. Right now, I am so incredibly grateful for the people who have already signed up for the Presidential Experience Private Club despite all the chaos.


I am prepared to lead a conversation on how we repair from all the damage that has been done. How do we band together as a human race? All tribes must put their weapons down and pick up a tool. Build a reality that allows for all to have a life of prosperity. A reality that leads with love…not fear. 


What tool will you pick up? How will you help build the new reality?


My contribution is Presidential Experience because I know by helping people shift their idea of wealth, health, and love I can change the world. But I can’t do it without you so consider joining me.


It’s no pressure, I know your heart is heavy right now and it’s hard to move. I just want you to know I am with you. 


Here’s to your prosperity!


You’re in peace and love,




P.S. By the time you read this message, it might be too late to join us, but here is a link to join our latest offer, click here.


P.S.S. MY HEART FELT STORY. When I see a police officer, I don’t feel safe. A white man with power is the equivalent to a monster in my subconscious mind. I’ve had an unconscious fear my whole life that a white man or woman will one day decide I am no longer valuable and take my life. This is an unconscious fear that most black people live with. And even though my best friends and best clients are white men and women who love me dearly they can't take the pain and unconscious fear that has been so deeply rooted by society.


Despite that fear I’ve spent the last 3-years of my career working with white men and women and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. They have put their trust in me. I have seen them at their worst and lowest points. They have asked for my help and I have given them the strength needed to turn fear into peace and love.


In those moments they are no longer powerful. In fact, they usually come in begging for me to use my power. They are humble and open. I, in those moments must remain neutral and tapped into love.


I have seen amazing things happen using the power of love. A 70-year-old Trump supporting white military man who had never given a black woman authority over him, decided to trust me and worked with me on healing his addiction. At the end of our time together, he thanked me with sincerity in a warm email.


People ask me for testimonials…I can’t post these intimate exchanges. I cherish them, and if it means I don’t get as many sales that’s ok. My work is so rewarding. I share this with you because although my heart is heavy. I know if I keep doing my work and you journey with me. We will heal the world and make it a better place. Thank you for your love.


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