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My name is Kiné Corder and I have a combined 20 years experience in the Financial and Mental Health fields. As a business owner myself, I know very well how difficult it can be to juggle the delicate mix of finding success personally and professionally. That's why I created SelfSync Financial Therapy. 
When I speak I teach two important things:
  • The One Thing Every Exceptional Man Needs to Create Generational Wealth and A Lasting Legacy He Can Take Pride In  
  • THE POWER OF FINANCIAL THERAPY: Addressing The Problems Money Can’t Fix By Mastering The Intersection of Money, Emotions, and Relationships
Both topics address the emotions that block wholistic success. The first one addresses what business owners need practically and addresses the topic from a conscious brain point of view While the second addresses the topic from a more subconscious brain point a view and is more experiential. Attendees will experience a SelfSync Financial Therapy session for themselves.