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My name is Kiné Corder... 

...I have a combined 20 years experience in the Financial and Mental Health fields. In my years of experience I've learned there is one thing you need to focus on to achieve peak performance so you can unleash your full financial potential. That's why I created SelfSync Therapy. I'd love to share what I've learned with you and your audience.
My team and I do two things better than anyone else in the world:
  1. Train athletes and investors on how to recover, manage, and prevent mental injury. 
  2. Train trusted advisors on how to protect their mental health while serving their high achieving clients. 
When I speak I teach two important things:
  • THE MISSING PIECE: The One Tactic Every Athlete Needs to Completely Eliminate Distractions In the Shortest Amount of Time   
  • THE POWER OF SELFSYNC THERAPY: Addressing The Problems Money (Alone) Can’t Fix To Achieve Peak Performance to Unlock the Full Financial Potential
Both topics address the power of the mind and breakdown why humans get distracted. The first one addresses the non-negotiable mentality athletes and investors need in order to achieve peak performance so they can unleash their full financial potential. The second one addresses the unspoken truth that money is the number one cause of stress whether you have a little or a lot of it. The truth is, no matter how much you have your emotions can distract you from doing what it takes to be happy. This is why trusted advisors have become their clients' therapist. To the untrained eye it may seem hopeless, but there is something that can be done.
Once understood, whether athlete, investor, or trusted advisor one can tame their brain to achieve peak performance. During our time together, I'll share what it takes.