Not that you care, but if you want love from a teenager try this.

"I wanted to make sure I apologized for anything a did in the past to hurt her." That's what my teenage patient said to me, referring to his best friend.

This young man, and his best friend decided to have a conversation about past pain they caused each other. They wanted to clear the air and start over fresh. Nobody told them to do it, it was something they decided themselves. The goal was to forgive each other and grow in their friendship. 

This is a conversation most married couples need to have, but they can't, because they're too prideful to be vulnerable. These teenagers didn't know how tough this conversation would be. It was so painful that they decided to give each other a few weeks to process and forgive. They agreed that in a few weeks they would come back together and move forward with their new friendship, free from the past pain. 

You think I'm making this story up...?


I'm not...

...but I know, it's sounds too good to be real, but it's real. The only...

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