Juggling money and meaning can trigger a midlife crisis, burn out, and imposter syndrome

As I wrap up my Financial Awareness Month conversations I wanted to invite you to continue the conversation with me in my community or inside your own community. I'd love to speak to your group or on your podcast about Financial Therapy.

I mentioned earlier this week that I’m participating in the Midlife Conversations Summit with Natalie Jill, and this is one way that I’m continuing the conversation.

This summit is focused on providing tips and inspiration for women who are navigating the challenges and opportunities that come with midlife. I'm excited to share my insights on how financial therapy can help women in this stage of life to find clarity and a sense of purpose while working to reach their financial goals.

My episode will be airing at the end of May but you can register right now. I’d love for you to tune in and listen to our conversation so you can determine why you’re not thriving financially< “yet”. Natalie is a great interviewer, we went deep on things that you may not have heard me say before. She got a lot out of me because she’s experiencing a shift in her life and career and the women she works with are experiencing similar shifts. Maybe you are too.

The best thing about this summit is that it's completely free and accessible to anyone, anywhere. If you're interested in listening to my episode on Midlife Conversations with Natalie Jill, you can sign up for the summit through this link here. Not only will you get access to my episode, but you'll also be able to listen to other amazing speakers who are sharing their expertise on a variety of topics related to midlife.

If you enjoy my episode, please let me know! I'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts on how I can continue to provide value to you. Although my deep dive program is focused on helping Financial and Mental Health Professionals get to their next level of success, this community is made up of many different types of service based business owners. So you're welcome to join my community. You’ll learn what it takes to get on and stay on your path to success, so connect with me here.

I truly believe that my community and my participation in summits like Natelie’s will help provide valuable insights into the world of financial therapy and how it can benefit so many different people in so many different situations. Whether you are a business owner, moving up the corporate ladder, a newly wed couple or headed to retirement, there is a way to apply Financial Therapy with your current situation.

Sharing the podcasts, summits, and blog posts I create is just one way of sharing all my knowledge with you. After you finish the summit, if you find you need more support, be sure to jump into the community and ask questions or give suggestions. 

I'll be sure to keep you in the loop as more opportunities unfold..

Thank you for continuing to do your work and I hope you enjoy watching Midlife Conversations Deep Dive with Natalie Jill. Remember, my breakout session is called, “Why You Are Not Truly Financially Thriving in Midlife.” And if you want to make sure you and I connect each week then become an official member of the Financial Therapy Challenge Community.


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