What's Now: A bikini, a meditation, and an uncivilized conversation

blog Jul 10, 2020

I had a breakthrough at the pool in a bikini. The picture at the bottom right was when I was in full on think mode, and my brain was about to catch on fire. Then top right, the thoughts started to formulate. And on the left as you can see...I'm happy. EUREKA! 


I was also on, The Uncivilized Podcast with Traver Boehm. You may remember him, he's been on our podcast a few times. Here is the link to the episode, click here to listen now. I really punched some people in their hearts. 



And I took over The Heal Space Instagram account. I did a live hypnotherapy training. You should check it out. it's a free hypnotherapy  training and I teach how to hypnotize yourself. Here's the link to that video. 


Here's where it get's really good. I launch a new meditation series called, Meaningful Meditation Series. It is some of my best meditation work. Chalene Johnson, my friend and one of my business mentors requested it. She is a marketing genius and I love her ideas so I went for it. I'm so proud of it. Click the link and get more details about it. It's going to give you that boost you need to get back to meaning. Feel free to share it with your loved ones. Click here to check it out.



And last but not least, I got the Search for Meaning Over Money party started back up by saying... THE AMERICAN DREAM IS DEAD AND I'M GIVING THE EULOGY.

 Now I guess I have to write a eulogy...this should be interesting. That's it for this week. It was a full week and that's not actually even all of it. I also had a few powerful meetings but I will share more about those later. 

Thanks for hanging out with me...I'll see you next week with a Kiné update.


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