A Healthy Morning Routine Creates a Prosperous Life

You may have heard that having a healthy morning routine increases your rate of success. Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t. In this post I’ll give you ideas to help you determine what a healthy morning routine would like for you. I’ll also help you see how small changes can make a big impact.   

During my master class, Love Your Life, I share the first 2-steps in my Prosperous Life Program. Creating your idea of prosperity is one of them. Prosperity means different things to different people, so becoming clear on what the word prosperity means to you, can be helpful.

Your idea of prosperity

Nobody can give you your idea of prosperity. You can’t do it by copying someone else. You have to know what your idea of prosperity looks like and how it feels. There is a financial feeling, a romantic feeling, and a feeling of well being that is personal to you. Creating a healthy morning routine is the first part of your prosperous day, which leads into your prosperous life.

In a Psychology Today article, Jeffrey Davis, M.A. equates a healthy morning routine with getting the most out of your day and optimizing your time. While others claim that a healthy morning routine is the key to creating mastery over your mind. And as I mentioned before some believe that a healthy morning routine is the key to a successful day and life. I believe you need all three to create your idea of prosperity.

You need mastery over your mind and thoughts, you need mastery over your behavior, and you need mastery over your schedule and daily activity. All of these sound like daunting task on their own and may sound even more overwhelming together. Don’t be alarmed. You can do this with small steps, setting a few boundaries, and by getting support and accountability from your community.

A prosperous life is made up of your idea of success, getting the most out of your activity, and managing your thoughts and emotions. Of course, prosperity also has a dollar amount associated with it and it usually contains a certain amount of love and life experiences. It can often be hard to explain, but you can imagine what it looks like and even feels like.


In my 21-Day Crash Course in Prosperity we do a visualization exercise that helps you determine your idea of prosperity. We do it by helping you visualize what you want each day to look like. This is the way you create a prosperous life, one day at a time.

Whether my patients are working to improve their relationship, stop smoking, live a healthy lifestyle, overcome a heartbreak or maximize their lives, one of the first things we take a look at are their morning and nightly routines. I can tell a lot about a person mentally and emotionally by how they manage their day, especially first thing in the morning and right before bed.

With this information I can help them identify their blocks and adjust their behavior. A morning routine is tailored to your strengths, your goals, your preferences, and your challenges. We will consider your challenges, however they are not to be used as excuses.


The first step in creating a healthy morning routine is determining your overall goals. That routine will feed into the rest of your day. Align your activities to support your goals. Not every activity will associate directly with a goal, but it may support you, which allows you to reach your goals. The idea is that your activity fuels you so that you have enough energy and inspiration to reach your goal.

For example, if your goal is to live an overall healthy lifestyle then your morning may look like mine. I start with drinking 8-16 oz of water to hydrate myself. Then I go into meditation. Depending on the day I may do as little at 10 minutes or as much as an hour, if I need more support. A few days a week I workout after meditation, while other days I go into writing or recording. I almost always have a healthy breakfast, especially on my workout days.

Preferences and Strengths

I’d like to point out what I am not doing during my healthy morning routine, that is equally as important. I do not look at my email or text messages until after I have completed my routine. I do not turn on the television or even the radio. The messages that go into your brain first thing in the morning and at night shape your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Tap into your strengths early in the morning. That way you start out winning rather than struggling. Also, be sure to remember this is your routine so put your healthy preferences in so that you may maximize your day and your life. You may have preferences that fuel you like a warm drink, a hug from your children, a kiss from your mate, or a bath. If so put them in if these things are part of your idea of prosperity.

My healthy morning routine lasts anywhere from 2-3 hours. So ideally my work day doesn’t start until after my healthy morning routine ends. If I am under a tight deadline I still do my routine, I just condense the time.


If you consider yourself a night person you may find it challenging to awaken early, that’s ok. Your morning routine can start at noon if that is your idea of prosperity. I have patients that are performers who work late at night. For that reason they may not awaken until 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. There is no rule around what time your morning starts...the only rule is that it must fit into your idea of prosperity and try to keep it at the same time each day (even on the weekends).

Some people believe that they can’t get going without coffee. This may feel true when you are not living your idea of prosperity. I have found that the further you are from your idea of prosperity, the closer you are to unhappiness. When you are unhappy, unhealthy, or unfulfilled you need external factors to get you activated.

These are limitation that can stand in the way of building a prosperous life. However, if you are willing to abandon your limiting beliefs for a life of abundance and fulfillment, you can drink coffee because you enjoy it, not because you can’t wake up without it.  

Another challenge that patients experience is that they need a lot of sleep. If you require more than 8 hours of sleep you may lose hours in the day because you are either going to go to bed earlier or sleep later in the day. Either way, this will cut into your lifestyle. Sleep is super important. The studies have shown that 6-8 hours is sufficient to live a healthy lifestyle. But you do what’s best for your body. Sleep is a pillar in the 4 areas that help you maintain a healthy life.


The four areas that create a healthy lifestyle are sleep, as I mentioned, nutrition, stress management and physical activity. Be sure to add these four into your morning routine. The earlier you can get them in and the more often you can get them in the healthier your life can be.

When creating your idea of prosperity consider yourself first. The very best thing you can do for every one you love and take care of is to take the best care of yourself. The morning routine is designed to support you so that you may reach your goals.

Start by doing the Visualize Your Prosperous Life exercise. Get an idea of what you would like the morning to look like. How early do you want to awaken to feel most proud of yourself. What things do you want to get done. What kind of things would make you feel most prosperous.

Here are some ideas:

  • Healthy drink
  • Meditation
  • Pray
  • Walking
  • Exercise
  • Journal
  • Bird watching
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Cook
  • Clean
  • Bath
  • Eat
  • Affection
  • Affirmations
  • Prioritize

These are just a few. The idea is that you put yourself first. You build your inner peace so that you may create external peace. You can do whatever brings you closer to your idea of prosperity.

Small changes

Start creating your morning routine slowly. Once you have the list of things you would like to do each morning add one thing each day or even each week if that is easier. This is not a race to prosperity. It is a journey. Take your time...once you get it going it will flow. Take the easiest idea first and as you accomplish the routine you will feel more confident about adding other activities.


One complaint I often hear when helping patients design their morning routine is...my family will not support me. Part of the reason they don’t support you is because they don’t believe you. You can show them better than you can tell them. Get in the Prosperity Club and you’ll have a community of achievers, just like you, that will support you and hold you accountable.

You’ll also hear success stories and get ideas on ways to reach your goals faster. The Prosperity Club is more than just a library of courses. We offer group coaching, plus resources and strategies to help you stay on track. The courses get you started, the community helps you finish.  

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top, you can take people with you. I am taking you with me as we create our healthy morning routines that will help us not only achieve the life we desire but help us love the life we currently have.

For more information on Prosperity Club, click here. You can join our next FREE “Love Your Life” master class and receive our latest addition of Prosperity Report.



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