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prosperity report Jan 07, 2020

They say knowledge is power. Do you agree? At Presidential Lifestyle we say "Applied Knowledge is Even More Powerful. You are here so it's a fact that you apply knowledge by taking action.

There is just one last step and your in to stay up-to-date on what's happening right now at Presidential Lifestyle and inside Presidential Experience.

Of course, the best way to do that is to become a member of the Presidential Experience private club. You can apply by going to

The second best way, is to get a subscription to our Prosperity Report: What's Now Weekly Recap. It's a once a week email that tells you what we are doing and what you can look forward to as a loyal listener of the Presidential Experience Podcast but especially as a member of the Presidential Experience. 

We include any special offers and limited edition "situations" that are usually members only. They  may not go out to the public, so being part of the club or at least...

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How your money personality can block your love and money confidence

When it comes to your money, you get to decide how you want to spend it and whom you’d like to spend it on. However, the thought process that drives those decisions was put in place way before you ever received your first dollar.  Studies show that about 75% of our money beliefs are in place by age three. And 95% are in place by fifteen years old.

We default to childhood to make a money decision because that’s when our brains put our beliefs about money in place. This is true about all of our decisions, of course. The subconscious brain makes interpretations as we are growing and these interpretations slowly become our love, life, and money believes.

I call the money belief system your Money Mentality. Your Money Mentality is your money reality, because that’s how you perceive it. What you perceive, you believe, and you receive. What you believe about money shapes your life.

I’ll walk you through each Money Mentality and how they give and receive...

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