Overcoming Fear-Based Emotions: Guiding Wealthy Clients to Emotional Clarity

Understanding the most common fear-based emotions your clients experience is crucial to helping them trust you and sleep better at night. Helping them to step away from the primitive and subconscious brain is key to encouraging logical decision-making. While you can't control your clients, you can provide them with tools and support to cultivate a Calm Optimal Brain State (as we call it in SelfSync Financial Therapy).

What you may not realize is that your clients have fears they aren't sharing with you—not because they're keeping secrets, but because they struggle to articulate their feelings. Society's mixed messages often lead to misunderstandings and suppressed fears. Your clients might be confused, and they need your guidance.

Innate Fears

Fear, an innate emotion we are born with, takes various forms as we navigate life's complexities. The two fears we are born with are the fear of the unknown and the fear of falling. Any other fear is taught to us by our loved ones or...

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Does the saying "Let Go and Let God" mean this to you?

You don’t hear me use the word "God" often because I usually say “The Universe.” Today I have to say “God” because that’s who gave me this message to you.
Today, I am announcing what we are referring to as a “Presidential Pause.” In this blog post I will explain what our Presidential Pause is, why we are taking it, and what we hope to accomplish by doing it.
When you hear the words “Let go and let God,” what do you think about? I think about surrendering to the calling. I think about allowing rather than controlling. I think about how much better God’s plan is then my plan. I also think about how easy it will be if I let my higher power guide me.
You may use the word God often. You may even use the phrase “Let Go and Let God.” If you don’t use the phrase, you might start after I explain why it is so important to me now.
Presidential Pause
First, I want to explain what we...
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How your money personality can block your love and money confidence

When it comes to your money, you get to decide how you want to spend it and whom you’d like to spend it on. However, the thought process that drives those decisions was put in place way before you ever received your first dollar.  Studies show that about 75% of our money beliefs are in place by age three. And 95% are in place by fifteen years old.

We default to childhood to make a money decision because that’s when our brains put our beliefs about money in place. This is true about all of our decisions, of course. The subconscious brain makes interpretations as we are growing and these interpretations slowly become our love, life, and money believes.

I call the money belief system your Money Mentality. Your Money Mentality is your money reality, because that’s how you perceive it. What you perceive, you believe, and you receive. What you believe about money shapes your life.

I’ll walk you through each Money Mentality and how they give and receive...

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