Does the saying "Let Go and Let God" mean this to you?

You don’t hear me use the word "God" often because I usually say “The Universe.” Today I have to say “God” because that’s who gave me this message to you.
Today, I am announcing what we are referring to as a “Presidential Pause.” In this blog post I will explain what our Presidential Pause is, why we are taking it, and what we hope to accomplish by doing it.
When you hear the words “Let go and let God,” what do you think about? I think about surrendering to the calling. I think about allowing rather than controlling. I think about how much better God’s plan is then my plan. I also think about how easy it will be if I let my higher power guide me.
You may use the word God often. You may even use the phrase “Let Go and Let God.” If you don’t use the phrase, you might start after I explain why it is so important to me now.
Presidential Pause
First, I want to explain what we call a Presidential Pause. A few months ago I had a Presidential Planning Session with a client of mine on how to get herself and her wealth on the path to prosperity. She was forced to take a break from her projects and daily operations because her body couldn’t keep up with the stress she was causing it.
She was overworked and stretched in many directions. Even though she had a team, she felt alone and like she was failing them. She was literally hemorrhaging and in pain from problems the stress has caused her body. She is not the only woman I work with who is neglecting her health. In fact, I had another female clients going through this some stress at the same time. It was seriously time for a wellness intervention.
Neither of them was willing to take a break but because their bodies wouldn’t let them go any further, they were forced to pause. This got my attention. I started wondering, “how many high-powered CEOs have health problems they are ignoring?” “How many high-powered CEOs are waiting until they are forced to shut down before they take a pause and consider their health over their wealth?” But the most important question I was asking myself was, “how can I help?”
Both of these women were women of faith, yet they were stressed. Stress is literally fear. If they were stressed that meant they had forgotten their faith. I needed to remind them. As one client was complaining about her high-powered CEO, rich girl problems and how she felt like a victim because of all the things she couldn’t control…I had to remind her what she did control. I also had to remind her who had the ultimate control.
I said, “these people can’t do anything God can’t do.” I had never said that before but it just rolled off my tongue in the moment and it was true. You don’t have to be afraid of anybody coming after you when God’s got your back. I told her to remember to use my favorite hashtag #FTS. (see below for translation)
She agreed and we went into planning mode. The first part of the plan was to take a break. A week long vacation in the mountains connecting with God, self, and nature. The second part of the plan was to hire, fire, and restructure the team. The third part was to dive deeper into the numbers. The fourth part was to set new goals. And the last step was to launch a new product/service that would create a repeatable, predictable, monthly income stream.
So to clarify, a Presidential Pause is when you stop trying to control things you do not control, when you turn with in and listen to that still small voice inside, and  when you “let go and let God” take over so you can reduce stress and remove the blocks to success. A Presidential Pause is what comes before executing a Presidential Plan. It's all about taking care of yourself before you take care of others and the business.  
At Presidential Lifestyle we have two major values, “practice what you preach” and “serve with grace and ease.” I use my gifts to help others discover their gives. I’m so good at what I do, however that gift can get watered down if I am not practicing the Prosperity Principles I teach. That’s why it’s so important that I have harmony between what I do for work and what I do for life.
Presidential Lifestyle is my life’s work…but my life also has other areas that deserve my full attention. There is a playful, silly, side of me that I don’t get to explore as much when I am at work. You’ve seen my videos, so you know I get the silliness in where I can, but the Kiné you will experience on stage and in a session is much different than the Kiné my nieces, nephews, and grandson get to experience. The Kiné my friends and significant other get to experience is similar to stage and session Kiné but with a twist. I have to allow myself to express fully otherwise, I can’t lead.
I have a saying that goes, “lack of self express leads to depression…and many other diseases." When you can’t be yourself, you won’t feel fulfilled. When you're unfulfilled you do things to fill the voids you feel. Those things are usually unhealthy. That emptiness that's left will leave you feeling lonely, confused, and in pain. When you get to be yourself, you feel inspired, excited, and full of life.
I want to make sure I always feel inspired, excited, and full of life. I want my whole life to be full and complete. And I'd like to do my part to make sure yours is too. The best way to do that is to take a break, ask yourself the tough questions, and give yourself time to listen for God to answer. Then…let God lead you…just like a GPS. Just put the destination in and follow the directions.
We are taking a Presidential Pause because we don’t want to end up like the clients that come to us in pain who refuse to take a break until their bodies force them to.
My transition
These is so much going on in my personal and professional life. The beautiful building my office was in was sold and I had to move out. My relationship ended so we both decided to move out of our apartment. I moved into a new temporary place until I decide where I want to live. I am partnering with another hypnotherapist so I joined her at her office. We are building our relationship and although it's going great, it's still new and full of learning.
We re-branded Presidential Lifestyle and gave new titles and projects to the team. There are a few more transitions but that gives you an idea of all that's happening. You'll hear more about it in next weeks Presidential Lifestyle update episode on the Prosperity Report. 
Our target
Everyone on the Executive Team Prosperity is dedicated to doing one Presidential Lifestyle task per day from September 30th – October 4th. We will stick to this so that we can get a break to rejuvenate. We are also changing our schedules. All the fun stuff goes on the schedule first, then the work stuff. It may sound counterintuitive but I can show you how it works…because it does work.
By taking a break you allow your brain and body the space to rest. When you rest you repair your brain and body, giving you new cells that are ready to control the controllables in your life and conquer the world. When you rest you come back stronger, faster, and more affective.
We have tried this process and we have walked clients through it and seen great results. I recently took a break and went to LA to hang out with my family and friends. That was great because I got so much clarity while I was there resting. It’s amazing what rest can do for you. I’ll share more about that experience over the next few weeks.
Just know that I am doing this so that I can serve you with grace and ease. This means there will be less social media post, less community post, and less overall engagement. We may take longer to respond but just know that we are resting up for something big that I know you are going to love.
In the meantime, join the Confidence Coaching Community were I will share pictures, videos, and a few private post about my journey. Plus, walk you through how to take a Presidential Pause of your own. Try it free for 21-days, then upgrade. After you upgrade, if you find you don’t like it, let us know in 30-days and we will refund your money. So you get almost 60 days free to try it out. I’ll see you in the community. Go to
Remember let go and let God lead you so that life can be easier for you. Take your Presidential Pause when needed so you can reduce stress as you execute your Presidential Plan to success.
*#FTS - Rhymes with "duck that hit." When something is not worth the space in your brain, just say FTS!...

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