The Secret Sauce to Success: How to Embrace Insanity to Create a Presidential Lifestyle

After working with wealthy business owners, celebrities, athletes, and even politicians, I've discovered the secret sauce to success. It's super simple, and you can try it at home with very little risk. The answer is "insanity" – allowing yourself to do the same thing while expecting a different result.


Every time an actor goes out for an audition, the result they want is to book the gig. This only happens a small percentage of the time. When an athlete sets out to become the champion, they may lose a game along the way, but they have to forget that ever happened and start the next game expecting to win.


You may have heard me say that doing the same thing expecting a different result is not the definition of insanity, it's the definition of humanity. We all do it. It's the way the brain is wired. 


If you have a well-thought-out strategy, don't change it, just change your audience or the way you execute it. You may have to make a few tweaks along the...

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