The Secret Sauce to Success: How to Embrace Insanity to Create a Presidential Lifestyle

After working with wealthy business owners, celebrities, athletes, and even politicians, I've discovered the secret sauce to success. It's super simple, and you can try it at home with very little risk. The answer is "insanity" – allowing yourself to do the same thing while expecting a different result.


Every time an actor goes out for an audition, the result they want is to book the gig. This only happens a small percentage of the time. When an athlete sets out to become the champion, they may lose a game along the way, but they have to forget that ever happened and start the next game expecting to win.


You may have heard me say that doing the same thing expecting a different result is not the definition of insanity, it's the definition of humanity. We all do it. It's the way the brain is wired. 


If you have a well-thought-out strategy, don't change it, just change your audience or the way you execute it. You may have to make a few tweaks along the way, but essentially, rinse and repeat until it works. If the first client doesn't take the invitation, ask questions, adjust the presentation, and insanely go to the next client assuming they will accept your proposal. 


Before you go running out the door to your next client meeting, I'd like to share a few ideas with you that can help make this insanity not only pay off but propel you to your next level of success.


Realigning Your Internal Compass

One thing that throws many people off course is listening to and comparing themselves and their plan to others. Make sure the plan your clients are following is based on their logic, not on their emotions. Don't focus on past mistakes, fears that have been instilled in them by others, or any outdated programs society has passed down to them.


In my program, the first phase in our 5-Phase Action Plan for Creating Your Presidential Lifestyle is the Vision Phase. We take you down into your subconscious brain, bypassing your conscious brain, to get to the deep desires that you've forgotten about. Those deep desires are still important, and if your clients are going to get to their next level of success, these desires must be uncovered and included.


You also need to include not only what's in your head but what's in your heart and gut. Your internal compass has 3-parts and when aligned properly work as a GPS so your insanity pays off. So your insanity leads you to the right audience, saying the right things at the right moment. I talk a lot about this in the Presidential Lifestyle newsletter and community. You can join free by clicking here, if you want to take this concept deeper.


Head: The Power of Rational Mind

If your clients are going to master their money, they'll need to first master their emotions. (So will you.) If insanity is our default, that means we are prone to choosing emotional behaviors over rational ones. We believe we are making sound financial decisions from our conscious brain, but more often than not, we are on autopilot allowing our subconscious brains to decide. Doing the same thing, expecting a different result without tweaking the plan for success. 


Subconscious decisions are based on old programming, so the key is to update the program to choose the most logical, rational option. Your client can't do this easily on their own. Change happens through time and repetition or a life changing event that sparks a shift. It happens easier when you use a healing modality like SelfSync Financial Therapy. In phase 4 and 5 of the 5-Phase Action Plan we clear away the old program and replace it with a new program. This process creates fast, lasting results.


If you do a good job in phases 1-3 clarifying their vision, assessing their current process, and planning the roadmap to their idea of the Presidential Lifestyle, the clearing and expanding phases will be most effective. Sometimes Financial and Legal professionals refer their clients to us, because they can’t take the insanity anymore. When one is clear on their idea of the Presidential Lifestyle, it makes it easier to stay aligned with what's most important. When one is unclear they make emotional money decisions that can be costly.


Your head is responsible for keeping you alive that’s all. It doesn’t care about financial success. It’s only job is to protect you.  Focusing on staying alive won't give you the passion that life can offer. It will keep you safe, and safe may seem rational, but it is in direct opposition to your real desires. So as the trusted advisor, you'll have to guide your clients through balancing safety with risk not just in picking stock, but picking most of life’s options.


Heart: Awakening Your Deepest Desires

The heart is equipped and willing to take risks to find fulfillment. Although the brain is not set up to fulfill desires, if you are running the right internal program, you can experience all the passion and purpose your heart desires by aligning these two with the vision. The heart's job is to make sure you feel pleasure. While the brain protects you, the heart helps you create love and adventure in your life.


If your clients aren't able to experience the joy of play and relaxation, they won't be able to enjoy success. This will leave them feeling regretful even if they can leave the lasting legacy they worked and planned for. That’s because legacy is more than a dollar amount. It’s about more than money, it’s about meaning.


Advisors must keep a watchful eye to identify the true desire. Clients often stop at the surface, fleeting pleasures and never get down to what's really important. They will see it in the vision phase if you walk them through it properly, but can get distracted along the way. You'll need to set reminders and bring them back into alignment with their idea of the Presidential Lifestyle. This discovery happens over time and requires a little tough love, so you can't be afraid of your clients.


Gut: The Voice of Intuition

Listening to your intuition is a skill. It takes the same discipline as going to the gym. It's easier after experiencing phases 4-5 of the 5-Phase Action Plan for Creating Your Presidential Lifestyle, but even with just a little time and repetition, your clients can learn to listen to the voice inside of them.


The real inner voice is quiet, while society's voice is loud and obnoxious. That's why it takes skill to ignore it. We've been told by the self-help and therapy industries that we have negative self-talk. I can show you how to help your clients see that the negative voice inside of them isn't internal. It's an external voice that moved in years ago and has been living rent-free.


Even high achievers have a hard time hearing their intuition. SelfSync Financial Therapy makes it easier. You don't have to be a trained therapist to teach your clients to stay focused on what's important. But you will need guidance and a few tools to lead them in the right direction. With the right tools and skills you can get them answers to their questions and make sure they are even asking the right questions.

Navigating the Challenges

The mind-body connection is often overlooked. When we align the head, heart, and gut on a daily basis, we sync with the lifestyle we envision for ourselves and our loved ones. This isn't to say that there won't be obstacles or challenges.


Aside from market fluctuations, your clients have fluctuations in their lives. Many of them have neglected their personal lives to reach professional success. They may have the stamina to push through in business but lack the wherewithal to conquer personal pressure. Their Presidential Lifestyle Plan will help you help them through the challenging times.


Embracing Guidance and Support

Your clients rely on you to guide them to their financial goals. They hired you because you are the best at what you do, and they connected with you. Aside from the job they hired you to do, they will inadvertently make you their friend and therapist. It's an honor to take this position, but it's also a lot of pressure, especially if you are ill-prepared or not quite equipped for the job.


Wisdom in Action

You are not alone. Join the FREE Presidential Lifestyle Community, and I'll guide and support you while you guide and support your clients. You are the expert in your field, and I'd love to connect with you to hear how you do what you do. I'd also love to share my expertise with you. We can get together live and in between live sessions you can post questions. Ask me anything about applying Financial Therapy to your clients specific situation.


Don't let your client keep doing the same thing, expecting a different result, as it relates to their emotional money decisions. This may be the secret sauce in business or sports when you need to push through rejection or a tough opponent, but it circumvents a sound financial plan. Let your clients EARN the money, while you guide them on how to GROW, PROTECT, GIFT and ENJOY the money based on their idea of the Presidential Lifestyle.


When you do, you'll also reach your idea of the Presidential Lifestyle. So it's a win-win.


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