How to set goals that are free from stress Part 1


Have you ever had an obstacle that got in the way of your target? Of course. We all have. So what do you do when you think you will miss your target? You get stressed, I'm guessing. This is a reality many high-achievers face, but don't always have someone to talk to about it. In this episode, we are not talking about goal setting. You are a don't need that.  Listen now and you'll get the four W’s to help you get around obstacles, so you can hit those targets free from stress. You do need that. Listen now and start reduce your stress. This way, your annual goals don’t overwhelm you, they fuel you.


Focus on your target

  • What you focus on can manifest so it’s best to redirect your energy and thoughts into positive directions
  • Take away distractions that can get you off focus.

 Learn what is important to you

  • In order to make stress free goals it's important to know what's important to you and why.
  • Remembering where...
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Why you need more than daily positive thoughts to be happy

Finding financial and romantic success starts with believing that it’s possible. Knowing what brings you happiness is also incredibly helpful, but what’s even more effective is getting to the root of what blocks your happiness. What if you knew what was standing in the way of your happiness? What if you could first accept it, then adjust it enough to allow happiness to flow into your life?

Have you ever heard someone say, “think positive,” or “have daily positive thoughts” to reach your goals and become happy? How does that make you feel? For some it’s frustrating because they don’t know how to shift their negative thoughts. For others it’s like, duh, I’m doing that and yet I’m still not happy.

Well let me tell you why. Daily positive thoughts are great and helpful, but they are not the only reason why you are not successful and happy. Your negative thoughts are more of a problem than you think. Negative thinking is...

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