Why you need more than daily positive thoughts to be happy

Finding financial and romantic success starts with believing that it’s possible. Knowing what brings you happiness is also incredibly helpful, but what’s even more effective is getting to the root of what blocks your happiness. What if you knew what was standing in the way of your happiness? What if you could first accept it, then adjust it enough to allow happiness to flow into your life?

Have you ever heard someone say, “think positive,” or “have daily positive thoughts” to reach your goals and become happy? How does that make you feel? For some it’s frustrating because they don’t know how to shift their negative thoughts. For others it’s like, duh, I’m doing that and yet I’m still not happy.

Well let me tell you why. Daily positive thoughts are great and helpful, but they are not the only reason why you are not successful and happy. Your negative thoughts are more of a problem than you think. Negative thinking is a prosperity block, but it has a root. If you want daily positive thoughts you have to get to the root of the negative thoughts first and shift the root cause.

In my work as a financial therapist and hypnotherapist I have found that part of the reason people are unhappy is that they spend their time comparing, complaining, faking, and fearing success and happiness. Even if you know what brings you happiness, if you haven’t removed the blocks or mental obstacles they will continue to come back and zap the happiness you build.

There are 4-common reasons that block every man, woman, and couple from experiencing happiness. Daily positive thoughts is just a small piece of how you get on the road to happiness. Daily positive thoughts are like vitamins. If you take them you lower your risk of sickness and disease but they are not the only thing you need.

The top 4-common roadblocks and barriers blocking your daily positive thoughts from overcoming your daily negative thoughts are fear, ego, habits, and language. I’ll explain each one in this blog post and give you a few tips and resources to gain control. I’ll also write future post that will break each root cause down in more detail.

You will see future post that will help take you to the next step and allow you to answer questions like “what truly makes me happy,” “what is my idea of prosperity,” “where am I going,” and “how do I get there.” Basically what you are asking is, how do I get on the road to happiness and stay there. Start by being clear about any roadblocks and barriers. Here are the top four.


Many people are afraid of success, so they self-sabotage. They fear success romantically and financially. Deep down inside the fear keeps them from being vulnerable. If you are not vulnerable you can not learn, grow, or connect with others. If you are not growing and connecting you are not building success. Success is directly connected to growth.

When one has fears financially and romantically they are subconsciously putting up blocks to keep them in the same place. Our brains job is to protect us from anything we tell it we fear. So if we fear success our brains will keep us from it. The brain is powerful and it will always do its job. The brain stores the information you feed it and it will create what you tell it you want.

If you feed it negative messages, beliefs, and programming it will run the negative program you request. If you have requested that it keep you from success it will be obedient to your request. This is why we fight our partners and even ourselves. This is how and why we create patterns. Consciously we say we want one thing, while subconsciously our fears are blocking us from getting it. I talk more about how the brain works in Prosperity Club.  


We are all programmed by our parents, community, society and our own history. This programming is our belief system. Your beliefs eventually become your habits and later become your destiny. You create in your life what you believe about yourself, your partner, and the world around you.

Einstein has two quotes that I use often to help patients understand their belief system. The first is, doing the same thing expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Really, the truth is, doing this is perfectly normal and one of the most fundamental human traits. As I mentioned the brain’s job is to protect you and it’s way of doing that is to keep you from taking risk. Doing something new is a risk. If the brain allowed you to take that risk it would not be able to protect you.

The other statement that Einstein was known for saying is, you can’t use the same thinking to get out of a problem that you use to get into it. If we continue to rely on our own understanding we will continue to get the same results.

This is why in Prosperity Club we advocate having support and accountability. If you have a tribe you trust you can utilize new understanding to find new solutions to any challenge. Remember, the key is to find people who share your values and who can be objective enough to guide you while you make your decisions. You are not always right, but you are not always wrong either. Hold on to your values while you grow through your challenges.


The ego makes us believe that we are right and others are wrong. Most of the time what we are convinced we are right about is truly just our preference or opinion. You can be sure without being right. And what is right can shift in a matter of minutes. Right and wrong are subjective and fleeting. What you believed was right at 10 years old is different than what you believe today.

Like our belief system or patterns our ego is governed by the fears that we embrace. If we have a fear not only will the brain protect us from it by putting blocks and habits in place, it will also place a guard out front called EGO.

Ego is the part of the brain that pushes people away from us. If we push people away they can’t hurt us. But wait, we don’t want to be alone, so why do we do that? Ego protects us by keeping us from connecting. This is to our detriment because the best way to be successful in business as well as in love is to build relationships.

If we are unable to build relationships we will eventually die. Maybe not literally, but figuratively speaking. This is why we may want to focus on being the right partner rather than having the right partner. If we are unable to connect we will not have the very thing that can keep us alive and thriving. Connections create both financial and romantic success and as long as ego is speaking on our behalf, we are creating more distance than connection.


Not only does ego speak so negatively that it pushes people away from us, it also pushes our dreams away. The eog is a liar. The ego says things like, “I don’t care what anyone says about me,” and “I don’t need anyone but myself.” Neither statement is true.

Ego also is responsible for the language we use that not only confuses us, but also confuses the universe. If we find a way to speak our truth in a way that builds our confidence and the confidence of those we are connected to we are more successful financially and romantically.

The messages we tell ourselves like, “I can’t do it,” or “I’m not enough” bring us down and solidify our fears. In order to shift our thinking we have to shift our beliefs. When we shift our believes we can then shift our words.

Here are two tips and two resources that will help you shift your beliefs and your language. First, start each day with a routine. You decide what’s right for you, but I will share mine with you. As soon as I awaken, I say thank you ten times. Then I think of one thing that makes me feel grateful and I hold that feeling for about 30 seconds. This helps to shift any negative thoughts that were going to creep in. From their I recite my manifestation statement in my head, I drink some water, and then I meditate.

I can teach you how to write a manifestation statement when you join the Prosperity Club. In the meantime, I’ll offer this resource. Take the free money quiz and course and that will help you begin to have some self-awareness. You will learn your strengths and they can help you with your daily positive thoughts.

The second, tip I have for you is to create a today list. These are the things that absolutely have to get done today. Once you have this list you can stay focused and prioritize. Those two characteristics can help you break through your fears and stay present. Don’t go too far into the future. There is too much unknown in the future to stay positive.

The other resource I’d like to recommend is a course called Learn to Control the Controllable. It is a great way to become clear. I like to recommend this before working on manifestation. If you are off focus you will not be able to manifest your success because you will have too much confusion. Success is about clarity.  


Happiness is the key to success. Not the other way around. If you want to truly find success, start with finding happiness. The first step in finding happiness is determining what truly brings you happiness. Not just fleeting pleasures but happiness. Not what we settle for because of our fears. Not the guard we put up to gain control, and not the language we speak when we are trying to protect ourselves. If you are willing to reduce your level of fear, lower your ego, shift your habits, and learn a more prosperous language, you are more likely to create success and happiness in your life.


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