Did you know I moved out of the country?


Did you know I moved out of the country? I’m posting pictures on TikTok and Instagram if you want to see them. Want to know what else is going on with me and the team.

I’ll update you. 

I’d also love to hear what’s going on with you if you’d like to share. You can reply to this email and catch me up. And at the bottom of this email, I’ll also tell you how we can stay connected if that interests you. 

The 2022 cohort of the group ended this month. We are ramping up for the FREE masterclass, a 6-week boot camp, and the new 2023 Prosperity Pro cohort. It’s going to be so freaking amazing. We are working on helping healers get more comfortable asking for money, receiving money, and ultimately having money.  

But wait…this isn’t about our future, this email is an update on what’s already happened. 

We are in Europe now, but let me tell you how we got here. 


Took the month off to hang...

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