Did you know I moved out of the country?


Did you know I moved out of the country? I’m posting pictures on TikTok and Instagram if you want to see them. Want to know what else is going on with me and the team.

I’ll update you. 

I’d also love to hear what’s going on with you if you’d like to share. You can reply to this email and catch me up. And at the bottom of this email, I’ll also tell you how we can stay connected if that interests you. 

The 2022 cohort of the group ended this month. We are ramping up for the FREE masterclass, a 6-week boot camp, and the new 2023 Prosperity Pro cohort. It’s going to be so freaking amazing. We are working on helping healers get more comfortable asking for money, receiving money, and ultimately having money.  

But wait…this isn’t about our future, this email is an update on what’s already happened. 

We are in Europe now, but let me tell you how we got here. 


Took the month off to hang out with my grandson, daughter, and Jason.


Jason and I decided we wanted to live abroad. Our place rented out in one day, instead of the 60-days we had planned for. (we adjusted our plan) So, we decided to go on a US tour. 


Where we lived: Phoenix, AZ. We loved it. 

What we learned: We learned that most of our team wasn’t bought into our vision. Some were there because they have been with me for a long time. Some were there because they needed the money. And others weren’t sure why they were there. 

So we let the whole team go, except for two people. It was heartbreaking. But I’m the type of person that can take care of business through a heartbreak. I had the toughest experience with one team member that I’ve ever had in my whole entire career as  business owner. 

I love her so much, but we just don’t work well together. She’s a beautiful person inside and out, but she and I clashed. Probably the most heartbreaking part, because we couldn’t maintain a relationship afterward. She says you can’t do business with friends, but I disagree with that.

My best friend of 30 years worked with me for over 4 years, she was let go too, but our relationship is still very strong. Maybe even stronger because we moved through a tough situation. 

Luckily one of my mastermind buddies was going through a similar situation on her team so we supported each other through the transition. The happy ending is that the rest of the team has committed to joining us in the gyd app when it’s launched. (more on the app later)



Where we lived: Las Vegas, Chicago, Austin, DC, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas (in that order) 

Exactly! It was exhausting but we needed to see family and friends before leaving the country. We also needed to get all the doctor and dentist appointments out of the way.

What we learned: We don’t ever want to live in 5-cities in one month again. We also learned that some of our family members still have some emotional healing to do. We had a wonderful time visiting with them…but as a healer, it’s hard to watch people hurt when you know how good it feels to heal. 

That’s the second part of the learning experience. You can’t recruit for healing. You can’t sell healing. You can’t advertise healing. Nobody wants healing. What they want is to experience their own journey and you can’t tell them what that looks like even if you are a healer. Great insight! And now that I’ve released the pressure of trying to heal the world starting with my family, I’m more at peace.



Where we lived: Tempe, AZ (We loved it there too.)

What we learned: Jason discovered a great short term rental company called Sonder. You pay about $150 a night, you pay upfront, but there’s no lease and you can stay 2-nights or as long as you like. We are using them to travel the world…along with VRBO and if we have to Airbnb. (I’m not a big fan of Airbnb)

What else we learned: Even when your children are grown they still need you. So if you are going to move out of the country you have to make sure they have a support system. My daughters are looking out for Jason’s youngest son. They love each other like blood brothers and sisters and that was heartwarming to experience. 

Big aha moment: I also learned that HEALERS NEEDED ME. Therapists and healers are still in need of Financial Therapy and for that reason I had to get some advice from a mentor on how to make (another) big shift. 

My friend Chalene Johnson is a master at shifting. And although I had created a big plan to shift to corporate therapy, through a conversation with my friend, colleague, and mentor, I made the decision to go back to Financial Therapy for Therapist and Healers. 

She said, there’s a huge need for women business owners who have money mindset blocks. From that conversation I decided to help healers who need to get comfortable asking for money, receiving money, and ultimately having money. I am uniquely qualified to guide them on a transformational journey to money and self mastery. The same journey I went through myself.



So here we are in November…

Where we lived: Las Vegas, Chicago, Lisbon, Portugal 

What we’ve learned so far: I’m  learning that my titles are all equally important to me; grandmother, mother, wife/girlfriend, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and healer but it is not easy juggling them all. Especially when you care so much, but you’re still learning and healing yourself. 

This month isn’t over but I’m also learning that I still have what it takes to put a marketing strategy together. Over the last two weeks I’ve: 


  • Updated my Money Mentality Masterclass (if you want to register, click here)

  • Updated my Money Mentality Breakthrough: Money and Self Mastery in less than 21-days course (come to the masterclass if you want more details on it or reply to this email)

  • Updated the Prosperity Pro Membership: Weekly group Financial Therapy and Business Coaching sessions for healers (again ,reply to this email or come to the masterclass to get all the details. This email has gotten long enough.) 

  • Our Marketing Associate, Deson and I have rebranded all the graphics, webpages, and the products (it’s been fun)



Where we’ll live: France



Where we’ll live: Thailand

So that’s all I have to report…what about you? What have you been up to?

Want to come hang out with me at the masterclass? I can answer any questions you may have about all the things…including your specific situation.

Here is the link to register for the masterclass. It’s happening this Monday, so register now.

See you soon…

Here’s to your prosperity, 

Kiné Corder, MA, NCC

CEO of Presidential Lifestyle




TLDR recap: We are traveling the world, helping healers profit from their gifts, and doing our own work along the way.


P.S. Here is the link to register for the Money Mentality Masterclass. I’d love to see you and hear about your progress. I’ll do a Q&A session at the end. Reply to this email if you need anything else…

P.S.S. If you or someone you know has a podcast that targets therapists, healers, functional medicine doctors, or health and wellness. Let me know if you’d like me to be a guest. I’d love to. Simply reply to this email with the steps I should take.


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