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Last week’s blog post provided some fascinating insight on what happens during my hypnotherapy and financial therapy sessions. In that particular post, I revealed that each patient’s one-on-one session will be different from each other, but they do share a few similarities which include some of the questions that I ask them during the session. Occasionally, symptoms and where they originate from are similar with patients, as well.

One reason for this similarity is that approximately 75-85% of our money and love programming is in place before we are seven years old. This means most of us are making life decisions based on our childhood programming. The questions I ask during my sessions enable me to uncover the unconscious messages that were deeply implanted from such a young age. Ultimately, this will help me identify what the patient is really trying to create in their lives.

In last weeks post, I gave you 5 Questions I Ask Every Patient. As I uncover a patient’s...

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Win the Social Media Challenge

I bet you or someone you know has a complicated relationship with social media. Keep reading....

The Challenge

You know how social media makes you feel like everyone has the key to happiness except you? You scroll through pictures of happy couples, traveling, shopping, partying and raising the perfect kids. You compare it to your life and you feel broken, insecure, ashamed, and even unhappy.

The Feeling

You have an idea you think will make you feel better, so you post a picture of your life on social media (with captions that aren’t exactly true).  You pretend that you are doing more than you actually are...but of course, it backfires and you only feel worse. You feel worse because you believe...somebody's watching you and they probably know you’re a fraud, an imposter….and there’s only a matter of time before they expose your dirty little secret.

And not only that, you can’t figure out how the heck everyone else knows and you don’t. So...

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