Win the Social Media Challenge

I bet you or someone you know has a complicated relationship with social media. Keep reading....

The Challenge

You know how social media makes you feel like everyone has the key to happiness except you? You scroll through pictures of happy couples, traveling, shopping, partying and raising the perfect kids. You compare it to your life and you feel broken, insecure, ashamed, and even unhappy.

The Feeling

You have an idea you think will make you feel better, so you post a picture of your life on social media (with captions that aren’t exactly true).  You pretend that you are doing more than you actually are...but of course, it backfires and you only feel worse. You feel worse because you believe...somebody's watching you and they probably know you’re a fraud, an imposter….and there’s only a matter of time before they expose your dirty little secret.

And not only that, you can’t figure out how the heck everyone else knows and you don’t. So aside from feeling insecure, you also feel left out. You want the world to see the good stuff in your life, but you don’t even see it yourself, so how can they. You don’t post the gritty stuff that’s really going on because you want people to like you and envy you, not avoid you. You think to yourself, “if they get to know the real me, they won’t like me, and I’ll be alone.” So with this line of thinking….how could you be yourself, who wants to be alone?

The Real Enemy

Then you realize your not alone. You have a partner...a partner who isn’t helping you because they are flawed. In your mind, they are even more flawed than you are, so how could they help you create the perfect, envy worthy memories to post on social media. They can’t...

And just like that, your differences about money and life begin to get bigger.  You get angry and instead of blaming the real villain (society) you blame your partner. Not only do you feel insecure about yourself, you now question your choice in a partner. It all gets so dramatic and you ignore the facts. Consciously you love your partner, but subconsciously your differences in opinions turn into fears that hide the facts.

The Connection

Tell me, has anything like this ever happened to you? Have you ever gotten a little jealous or sad looking at someone’s feed? Have you fought with your partner because of what you believe others are doing or what they appear to have that you don’t? Or at least that’s what you tell yourself. Have you felt insecure financially and romantically because everyone seems to have more money and love than you do?

Well, you are not alone. Many people are keeping up with the Joneses and pretending that they have it all together. What if I told you it’s possible to love the life you have right now, while you create the life you desire. What if I told you, you can have it all...but it takes a little time, repetition, and authenticity.

You’d probably say, “I don’t have time,” “I don’t like repetition,” and “I am being authentic.”

Right….and that’s why you are so happy. 

The Truth

You are not being honest and you are not willing to make an effort. I know the truth hurts and I don’t want to hurt you, but I have to be blunt. You are not being completely honest. From my years of experience, what I know for sure, is...If you are comparing yourself to the Joneses, you are unhappy.

Comparison is the thief of joy, they say. I have seen thousands of people in my office and online get anxious, get angry, and get sad because of comparison. They compare their marriage, their money, and even their children to what they see online. Consciously they know that it’s all an illusion, but subconsciously they feel insecure. This insecurity is usually related to past programming and sometimes even past trauma.

The Story

Each and every one of us is born confident. Slowly that confidence is chipped away by the messages society feeds us. If we’re not strong enough, we believe the messages, we buy into them, and we make it our story. I’m not good enough, not like my classmates, not tall enough, not like my sister, not smart enough, not like that celebrity...being me sucks.

Then that story continues to loop over and over and over….our brains create patterns to support that belief. ...being me sucks ...being me sucks. ...being me sucks.  We tell the story to ourselves, but also to anyone who will listen. We play the victim and not the victor. what do you think happens? We lose. And losers don’t feel confident.

So my job, as a Financial Therapist and Hypnotherapist, is to be the guide to BECOMING THE JONESES, be the guide out of the losing mentality, the guide to feeling more confident financially and romantically. With just a few shifts in mindset, one can love the life they have while creating the life they desire.

The Victory

Throughout the years, I’ve found joy from seeing thousands of people shift their mindset, their money, their relationships, and their overall life. I’ve seen them change their lives just by being authentic, consistent, but most of all by being clear.

Once you become clear on your idea of prosperity it’s so much easier to be consistent and authentic. And guess what happens? You become the Joneses and people start following you. People start envying you. People start loving you. And most importantly you start loving yourself more.

Now I ask you again, what if I told you that you could feel more confident financially and romantically. Would you be willing to follow the guided plan to determine your idea of prosperity, discover your unique gifts, and fall in love with your plan?

The Love Story

With just a few small changes you become more confident financial and romantically because you know your numbers, you know yourself, you know your partner and you know what truly matters.

You attract more love because you are happy, you love yourself more, your partner more, and your life more. And that authentic happiness turns into confidence...and confidence is contagious. So you attract more followers, more friends, and more high paying jobs and clients.

Just like that you love your life. The one you have right now...and the only thing that changed was your mindset. There is an art to loving the life you have while creating the life you desire and I can teach it to you in 12-steps.

What if I told you I’d give you the first 2-steps FREE? 

I’m teaching a free master class and not only will I give you the first 2-steps to creating your “Prosperous Life”...I will give you 3-steps to stop comparing and start repairing your mindset, your money, and your relationship. (ALL FREE)

But before I go there...I'd like to give you 3-things you can start doing today to keep social media from ruining your self-esteem and your relationships.

3-Actionable Steps

1. Choose one day this week to post on social media what you are really feeling. It doesn’t have to be sad it just needs to be honest. For example, “Today I feel so powerful...I went for a run. Here’s hoping I feel that way tomorrow too.”


  • Some people won’t even see it
  • Some people will ignore it
  • Some people will like it
  • Some people will comment


So here is what you say to yourself. “Some will, some won’t, so what...I told my truth.” “I reached my goal.”

It won’t feel good the first time you do it...but the next time, and the next time, it will and you will be so freaking proud of yourself….and then others will start being more vulnerable and authentic with you.


2. Write a statement of confidence to yourself that is true about you...Finish this statement: I’m the type of person who/that _______. (insert positive strength)


    • I’m the type of person who can talk to anyone.
    • I’m the type of person that sees the good in others.
    • I’m the type of person who loves to laugh.


3. Join my free master class by registering here: Becoming the Joneses This master class will lead into my 21-day Social Media Challenge. It will include meditation, affirmation, manifestation, confidence building exercises, vulnerability training, money resources and support from me. You can also ask questions and get answers quickly from me or one of the group members.

Join me and one powerful group of winners in this transformational journey to feeling more confident financially and romantically. Remember it takes two powerful people to make a prosperous couple so start with you. Start doing those three things today...




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