Tame Your Brain Training for Healers and Healthcare Professionals

heal hypnotherapy training Oct 04, 2021

Some say healing is hard, but not with hypnotherapy. And especially not with our TAME YOUR BRAIN technique.

Traditional talk therapy and some of the other healing modalities require you to understand the past. That can take a long time. You can even retraumatize yourself by retelling the old stories. Understanding your past is not how you heal, moving through your past is. TAME YOUR BRAIN makes it easier to move through the past, and it’s less painful, quicker, and easy to learn.

When you use the TAME YOUR BRAIN hypnotherapy technique, insight is not required for healing. We use colors, symbols, and figurative language to clear trauma, old patterns, and maladaptive thoughts.

The TAME YOUR BRAIN technique goes right to the subconscious brain. This gets to the root or cause of the pain. With the TYB technique you often see changes in patients in just one session. 

But you don’t stop there. You start with the immediate need, however healing is multi-layered, so it may...

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