Tame Your Brain Training for Healers and Healthcare Professionals

heal hypnotherapy training Oct 04, 2021

Some say healing is hard, but not with hypnotherapy. And especially not with our TAME YOUR BRAIN technique.

Traditional talk therapy and some of the other healing modalities require you to understand the past. That can take a long time. You can even retraumatize yourself by retelling the old stories. Understanding your past is not how you heal, moving through your past is. TAME YOUR BRAIN makes it easier to move through the past, and it’s less painful, quicker, and easy to learn.

When you use the TAME YOUR BRAIN hypnotherapy technique, insight is not required for healing. We use colors, symbols, and figurative language to clear trauma, old patterns, and maladaptive thoughts.

The TAME YOUR BRAIN technique goes right to the subconscious brain. This gets to the root or cause of the pain. With the TYB technique you often see changes in patients in just one session. 

But you don’t stop there. You start with the immediate need, however healing is multi-layered, so it may take time to get to all of it. Typical healing time is about 12-16 hours. That can happen over a 2-3 day retreat or weekly sessions over 4-6 months. As part of your training, we’ll help you design the business model that’s right for you.


When you join this training, you’ll not only learn how to design your business model, but you’ll also get guidance on creating your marketing strategy and even some operations ideas. 

Speed up your patient's results. You’ll be ready to administer this technique the day your training ends. I’m holding a TAME YOUR BRAIN training class from November 1st - December 15th. You’ll be all set before the holiday season starts and can hit the ground running offering your new healing modality as soon as you like.

Register for the class by clicking here.

Space is limited and registration ends October 14th. So click the link now and hold your spot before they’re all gone. We are only taking a certain number of students so if you want to be one of them, click the button above or below now. 

Oh, last thing, I should probably mention that we have an early bird special right now. Sign up by October 7th and get $750 off when you pay in full and $400 off when you use the payment plan.  

It’s time to heal the world, are you with me? Then click the link and let’s make an impact. Click here to get started.

Kiné Corder, MA, NCC

World's #1 Financial Hypnotherapist


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