New York Times discusses Financial Therapy


Financial Therapy is a pretty new field, but lately, more and more people are becoming curious about it, including the New York Times. I also recently received a referral from a Financial Advisor who's client specifically requested to speak to a Financial Therapist. 

I was recently featured in a New York Times article about Financial Therapy. It was called, “When Getting Money Hurts.” The author interviewed survivors who were receiving settlements because of a traumatic experience. She also interviewed me. We discussed how patients can best heal from an experience that triggers you on a regular basis. They choose me because of my background in counseling, trauma work, and Financial Therapy.


Below is the part of the article where I was quoted. (To read the full article see the link below.) 

As a specialist in financial therapy who is based near Atlanta, Kiné Corder encourages clients to deal with the trauma separately. “You...

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Can money buy happiness? Yes, and I have the formula...

I often work one-on-one with wealthy clients who have done a good job earning and sometimes growing money but they still haven’t found happiness. They may have thought material things would bring happiness, but no matter how many things they buy, they can’t seem to buy happiness.

They start to ask the question, can money buy happiness? Society says no.  You may have heard the phrase, “money can’t buy happiness.” Well, to answer the question, can money buy happiness, you have to first ask what is happiness?

Happiness is different for each of us, however we have been taught that happiness has a specific look and feel. We have been taught that it’s a spouse, a house, two kids, and a dog. But that’s not true for everyone, not everyone finds happiness in this lifestyle.

In my work as a financial therapist, I find there are 5-key areas that cause wealthy people unhappiness. You either, believe that life is not happening the way it should,...

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