Overcome Your Objections and Unlocking the Benefits and Power of Financial Wellness Programs for your Small or Mid-Sized Company

Small and mid-sized companies can utilize and leverage the valuable information in this article, along with their own research, to support their decision-making process in securing the right financial wellness program for their employees. 


In order to make informed choices when it comes to implementing financial wellness programs for employees, business owners must first master their emotions and use logic. In the past there was more theory than data about the benefits of a financial wellness program for both companies and employees. Now that more studies have been done, the date shows both the health and financial benefits.


The question is not so much, if you can improve your employee engagement and wellbeing by utilizing a Financial Wellness program, but more along the lines of are you ready to and which company to partner with.


As a Financial Therapist the biggest mistake I see business owners make is using emotions to make decisions rather than logic....

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