I don’t like calling April, “Financial  Literacy Month.” I prefer Financial Awareness month. 


ARE YOU FINANCIALLY LITERATE? Of course you are. I haven’t looked up the term Financial Literacy lately, but my idea of literacy is related to the ability to read, or not. So when LITERACY  is coupled with the word FINANCIAL, it seems like we are suggesting that you aren’t able to handle money.

Which isn’t true. 

Maybe you’ve made a money move that didn’t turn out the way you hoped it would, but you have some good ideas on how to get to your next level of financial success. You have the simple stuff like, earning income, calculating your expenses, spending less than you bring in, and you might even get advanced and execute on your own financial planning. When you’re building a business this sometimes gets put off. 

A lot of times you are making money decisions blindly, without awareness. That’s why I...

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