Reduce Holiday Stress: 3-Tips to Navigating the Festive Season using SelfSync Therapy Digital

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2023

Before I tell you what I’m up to this holiday season, I think it’s important that we first address your plans for a joyous season. How are you going to protect yourself from mental and emotional injuries? What kind of triggers do you usually experience when dealing with family? How about we talk about it and I give you a few pointers to get you through this holiday season unscathed? 

In the spirit of tranquility and well-being, let's explore three gentle yet impactful ways to prepare ourselves for all the festivities, as well as the upcoming new year.

  1. Cultivate a Weekly Self-Care Routine

Amidst the holiday hustle, it's crucial to establish a regular self-care routine. This isn't about adding more to your plate but rather creating moments of respite. Consider incorporating practices that soothe your nervous system, such as meditation. This simple yet powerful tool can be a cornerstone for managing stress. If you're new to meditation or seeking guidance, SelfSync Therapy can serve as a supportive companion on this journey. 

When you become a member you’ll see, I go live inside the SelfSync Therapy Digital community doing pop-up hypnotherapy and meditation training. It's not just a product; it's a community and a resource to help you embrace moments of calm during the chaos that life can sometimes bring.

My recommendation is that your selfcare happens everyday. It could be as simple as a herbal tea or a talk with someone who brings you laughter. What it’s not, is complaining about traffic, your ex, or how your sister gets on your nerves. Selfcare is about focusing on the things you want in life. Things that bring you joy and will calm your nervous system when you connect with them. 

Selfcare is not about activating your nervous system and sending you into emotional injury. That’s called stress. And even though it’s familiar, it’s not helpful.

Little by little every day do something to take the stress away. If you don’t have anything right now, keep reading. I'll share a resource that can give you a weekly session with a therapist and you don’t even have to schedule an appointment. It’s all on your terms. 

  1. Share the Healing Journey as a Group

The holiday season often stirs old wounds, and the journey to healing can be challenging when our loved ones aren't on the same path. Instead of taking on the daunting task of playing therapist within your family, consider making healing a group effort. 

Encourage your loved ones to take the first step towards their well-being. Share resources like this blog, emphasizing the importance of everyone taking the lead on their own quest for healing. Try not to tell them about your experience. As tempting as it is, I’m warning you if you do it, they will say you think you're better than they are. 

Just because you feel better doesn’t mean you are better, or that you even think it. I know, you just want peace and you’ve got a glimpse of it. But sharing your journey with someone who hasn’t started theirs isn’t going to end well. Trust me! Slowly introduce healing. Allow them to take their own path. They aren’t going to jump in and catch up to you today, so don’t expect it. Be patient. 

It’s worth it. Imagine a holiday season marked by unity, a time when each person takes responsibility for their well-being, fostering an atmosphere of joy and laughter. It won’t happen overnight, but it is possible.

I’m not talking a fake, fairy-tale like behavior. I’m talking about seeing a version of your aunt when she’s not gossiping. When your brother has finally kicked that bad habit or you when you…(fill in the blank). Yes you my friend. As wonderful as you are, you’re still on the healing path. Give some thought to what you need to release? 

We can spend a lot of time focusing on how others have hurt us, but this holiday season gives the gift of forgiveness. Acknowledging the pain we have caused others is truly a gift. But before you go pouring your heart out, make sure it’s strong enough to take on the journey. SelfSync Therapy Digital can be helpful for getting you to peak performance and ready for what life brings.

It’s not easy when you do it alone, but when your family is willing to join you it becomes a beautiful experience. And even if they don’t all join in at once, having just a few people in the room with a calm optimal brain can change everything. 

  1. Create Drama-Free Holiday Memories

Visualize a holiday season without drama, where peace prevails, and memories are crafted with love. This vision starts with individuals taking responsibility for their own well-being. By embracing self-care routines and encouraging loved ones to embark on their healing journeys. When all of this is happening in concert you all contribute to creating a harmonious environment. 

But you’re not all on the same path or moving at the same right. That’s why SelfSync Therapy Digital gives you control and lets you go at your own pace. Remember, just as all of you started elementary school at different times, your healing starts at different times. No rushing anyone or demanding they get on your path. Not even your twin sister. (That message was for my daughters, totally ignore it. Lol!) 

The goal is not to be the preacher or the therapist at the party, that’s pretty annoying. The goal is to foster an atmosphere where each person feels compelled to spread cheer instead of fear and negativity. Each person feels safe enough to express their desire to feel better.

As you navigate this holiday season, if you incorporate these gentle practices, you not only prepare for the festivities but also lay the groundwork for a promising new year. 

  1. Bonus Practical Tip

I understand that your family may laugh in your face if you ask them to meditate, so I’m offering these practical ideas to keep you from feeling isolated. Sometimes keeping it peaceful means limiting the get-together to a short amount of time, rather than going on and on through the night. It could also mean limiting the consumption of alcohol, as substances can often trigger drama. 

You could also call the meditation something else that your family is familiar with like special prayer or moment of silence for those who have passed on. This might be easier for them to digest. 

One fun thing I used to do when families would hire me to host events is declare it a peace party. We’d play a game where everyone gets 10-safety pins when they enter the door and every time they complain the person that catches them takes one of their pins. 

You can also add a little monetary consequence too. They could pay a fine and lose a pin. Get the kids involved too. You know they can do the most complaining sometimes. But remember where they learned it. Just saying! At the end the person with the most pins wins. Choose a prize, it doesn’t have to be expensive. And you can include the jar of money if you use that idea. Make it a fun game. You’ll hear me talk about it more if you decide to explore SelfSync Therapy Digital. It’s called having a peace party, instead of a pity party. 

Leave the complaints at the door. You can pick them up on your way out if you like. Totally up to you! I’m being silly, but it’s true. Whatever you decide to do with your family, I’m wishing you a holiday season filled with serenity, shared healing, and the warmth of cherished memories.


Let me tell you about SelfSync Therapy Digital in detail and send you on your way to your next holiday soiree. I’m spending most of December creating recorded SelfSync Therapy sessions and then my birthday is at the end of the month and I will rest…

Before I go, I want you to know that SelfSync Therapy Digital is not an overnight wave, your magic wand kind of thing, but it works wonders and speeds up the healing process. I’ve been using it with my professional athlete and high networth investor clients for years to help them achieve peak performance and unleash their full financial potential. 

This year I was dedicated to finding a way to share it with you. It might be just what you and your family need to achieve your peak performance and full financial potential too. That’s what you all want, right? Secretly you want more love, more money, better health and a more meaningful life. 

Complaining isn’t going to get you there. You have to take action before things get worse.

That’s all I have to say about that. Click on this link and find out what SelfSync Therapy Digital is all about, how it can work for you, and how little it costs to get started. You’ll be surprised. And although it’s so innovative and different, I bet when you think about it, it’s exactly what you’ve been wanting. Even if you didn’t know that you needed it.


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