Clarity Over Confusion: Navigating Your Existential Crisis and Money Emotions

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2023

You know how you've been contemplating your desires, feeling overwhelmed because you have so many different aspirations? Well, Mr/Madam President, what you're experiencing is known as an existential crisis.

But before you become frustrated with yourself, let me assure you that an existential crisis is not a bad thing. In fact, it can be a catalyst for positive change, both personally and professionally. Just look at Andrew Carnegie, who faced his own existential crisis when he decided to sell his company and invest the proceeds in schools and libraries. The results of his existential crisis are still impacting the world today. 

When navigated wisely, an existential crisis becomes a time of reflection and transformation, an opportunity to embrace new possibilities. And during this transformative journey, having a trusted guide or mentor by your side can make all the difference. Don’t worry if you don’t have a guide, I’ll offer some guidance here and you can always join the free Presidential Lifestyle Community where I answer questions daily. 

An existential crisis is a time to make big shifts, but the reason having a guide is important is because it’s also a time to clean up old beliefs. Some of the anxiety you are feeling is because you need to get your BS in order. Yes, you heard me, but you know BS stands for Belief System, right? But your belief system may still contain some remnants of the other kind of BS. 

So, my question to you is this: What are you going to do about your BS? When will you take that bold step, leaving behind the familiar and venturing into the unfamiliar territory that you’ve been fearing and putting off? I sense that you're wondering the same thing. I also sense that it’s not really fear that’s holding you back but the how. 

Well,I am here to ignite the spark that will get you clarity on the “what” and when you join me in the group we can drill down on the “how.” If you don’t join me in the group, you can still do it on your own. You owe it to yourself. Plus, this existential crisis is an uncomfortable feeling. So if you want it to go away, you’ll need to get your shift started today.  

Allow me to introduce you to one powerful principle, derived from the wisdom of my Presidential Principles. These principles are simple and designed to guide you through any existential crisis, including your current one. It’s one principle: Stay Align with Your Idea of the Presidential Lifestyle. But it’s a three-step process designed to help you align or realign when you need to:


Step 1: Ask yourself, "Am I truly satisfied with both my personal and professional life?" You may find that you have satisfaction in one area, but not the other. This happens often, especially for my sports and entertainment clients. The answer lies within your conscious brain (HEAD).


Step 2: Delve deeper and inquire, "What is my vision of the Presidential Lifestyle?" Picture a harmonious blend of wealth, health, adventure, love, and legacy. You can take some time to write it down if you like. This answer emerges from the passion and pleasure you want. This isn’t in the brain at all because the brain’s job is to stay alive, not to have fun. (HEART).


Step 3: Finally, ask yourself, "Am I living in alignment with my vision of the Presidential Lifestyle?" When you're in sync with your aspirations, you'll experience a tingling sensation, an inner knowing. This answer emanates from your intuition (GUT). Some refer to it as the voice of the soul.


Now, I understand that some of you may struggle to feel that tingling sensation. It's possible that you call the feeling something else or it feels differently to you. It manifests differently for each person, but can be harder to feel when external distractions have clouded your connection to sync with self. Don’t waste time on self-judgment. Use that energy to align. Aligning your head, heart, and gut takes time and energy. I can also take a little expertise if you’ve never done it before. I am here to help you navigate this process and become an expert on syncing with yourself.


In order for us to do this together, I invite you to join our free community. Within this supportive space, I will guide you through the steps, helping you unlock your true potential. You’ll get all the details and instant access to past live sessions when you sign-up. This is your chance to find alignment and embrace the life you've always envisioned. Click here to join the community for free. I’m not sure how long it will be free, but it is right now. So go ahead and get in.


Let's make your existential crisis smooth and your next level of success significant. I genuinely care about your future, and I am committed to being your trusted counselor on this remarkable journey of self-discovery and success. Together, we will transcend the limitations imposed on your by society and create a life that truly reflects your innermost desires. See you sooner!


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