How to evolve in your career with Producer, Director Mark A. Burley

podcast Jan 06, 2020

Orange is The New Black, Glow, and Weeds are just a few of the titles you might know that were produced or directed by our guest Mark A. Burley. He always wanted to be a director but producing was his way into the film and television industry. After years of producing Mark's  vision, purpose and negotiation skills helped him evolve into directing. He will share is story and give us the stress management tips he used along the way.  Listen now and you'll find out how producer, director Mark A. Burley not only got his start but evolved in his film and television career. 
On a plane ride between Atlanta and Los Angeles we discussed prosperity, stress, life outside of work, but most importantly evolving in your career. 
7:20 - What does prosperity mean to you?
  • People see it as wealth and money.
  • I think it’s more about being successful, striving, succeeding, and doing well.
  • The most prosperous people have evolved
11:04 - Mark explains the difficulties of being accepted after his career change.
  • Hardest part was persuading someone to give you a job is the hardest part 
  • The most interesting part is the story telling part
  • Some of the skills of a producer overlap with the skills of the director.
  • Networking and long relationships helps make things easier
  • Ask and you will receive
  • Stay persistent
  • Just because you are successful in one area doesn’t mean you will be successful in another area.
  • Everyone doesn’t get the opportunity
25:52 - How to start focusing on what you have to relieve stress.
  • Each job comes with its own level of stress
  • I tend not to worry about it
  • I just focus on what I can control
  • If it rains I can’t do anything about that
  • As the leader you need to create an emotionally safe place for everyone to work
  • Some opportunities are like winning the lottery
  • You are relying on other people giving you opportunities
  • Who you are is part of your luck and good fortune. You can make your own luck.
  • The other part is being ready
34:02 Life outside of your work will affect your work
  • In real life things happen in the world and you have to stay peaceful in most things so you can handle the real life stress.
  • Positive attitude is worth its weight in gold
  • People work with people who they enjoy working with
  • If you allow it, you can find what you have in common with people
  • We can point out our differences but we are also very similar
39:35 What is the best advice you’ve ever received
  • Patients is really important
  • Don’t stress if it’s not happening immediately
  • Let go of the idea that things must happen right now…that won’t necessarily make them happen. 
  • The stress of wanting it to happen 
  • It’s better to travel hopefully than to arrive…
  • In other words, enjoy the journey
  • What you focus on expands
  • It’s like climbing a mountain. The top is not nearly as enjoyable as the moments up the mountain. 
  • The most stress free way to be is to Be in the moment.
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