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Kiné Corder is a National Certified Counselor, international speaker, and the world’s #1 clinical hypnotherapist specializing
in stress, anger, money, and meaning. She is also the CEO of Presidential Lifestyle; a wellness company focused on wealth in all of its forms.

As a former Morgan Stanley financial advisor, Kiné realized that CEOs needed help with more than just the numbers. They were angry and stressed out by the idea of reaching the American Dream, and that stress was getting in the way of them actually reaching it. Not only that, the anger and stress affected the company culture and employee morale. Studies show that there is a direct collation between employee morale and customer satisfaction. 

So that's why she guides stressed out CEOs and their employees on a transformational journey to shift their company culture from a work hard, bottom line mentality to a work well, life of meaning mentality. Using her proven system Kiné and her team provide everyone that joins the program, from the CEO to entry level, with the keys they need to turn money into meaning.  

In 2014, Kiné made the shift to therapy and has become the world's #1 Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in stress and anger management.  From podcasts to media to corporate appearances, Kiné knows how to make serious topics fun and tough conversations peaceful. Her meditation series, her Control the Controllable program, and her book, The Art of Starting Over: A 30-Day Step-by-Step Guide to Creating More Power, Peace, and Pleasure in your personal life has changed the lives of thousands of people world wide.

Kiné currently speaks to corporations and organizations on the topics of managing stress and anger, especially in the workplace. Kiné wants the world to understand that the old idea of the American Dream is no longer working. That's why she created her two talks, Make America Meaningful Again and What’s Not On Your Resume. Outside of speaking, to get this message out, Kiné hosts her own show, "Money and Meaning podcast." she invites CEOs to share their journey to success as she chronicles the "Search for Meaning Over Money.” 

This three part research project will also illustrate the money and meaning journey in an upcoming film documentary and book. With a background in film and television production, financial services, and mental health counseling, Kiné delivers a unique set of skills in her private practice, speaking engagements, and public appearances. She creates life transforming experiences in both a private and/or group setting. 

Kiné is also an international speaker, best selling author, and in her personal life, a grandmother and adoption parent. She enjoys playing tennis, but is always on the hunt for a new hobby that can hold her interest. 

"The American Dream is dead now and I'm giving the eulogy," says Kiné Corder. "No more chasing money, it's time to create meaning." "Let's make America meaningful again."




Presidential Lifestyle is a wellness company focused on wealth in all of it's forms. We know that money is the number one cause of stress, whether you have it or not. And stress is the cause of many major illnesses. And that's why CEO, Kiné Corder, created a proven financial therapy process that guides CEOs and their employees on a transformational journey to let go of society's idea of the American Dream, trading it for a life of meaning.  

We find the best way to complete our company mission, to Make America Meaningful Again, is to teach our proven process to CEOs and their employees. And because company culture doesn't trickle up, it trickles down, we start with the CEO. We train CEOs on how to shift from a hard work, bottom line money mentality to a work well, life of meaning money mentality. Once the CEO is trained, we then go into the company for a series of both live and virtual workshops. 

Letting go of the old American Dream is not easy, it takes time and repetition. The truth is, the American Dream is dead now, and we have to accept that if we want to manage our stress and anger. There is a new idea of success, one that's full of good health, wealth, love, and most of all meaning. Here at Presidential Lifestyle we share this message through meditations, conversations, and events. 

That's how we reach our mission, one step at a time, one CEO at a time, one company at a time. Together, we can MAKE AMERICA MEANINGFUL AGAIN.

Kiné Corder started Presidential Lifestyle as an add-on coaching service to her already successful financial planning business, 10-years ago. Since then she has pivoted twice adding new products, services, and a redefined company mission to heal the world. 



Our MISSION is to heal the world, by making America meaningful again, allowing every American to feel happy, healthy, wealthy, and free. We do this by fulfilling our vision. 

Our VISION is to become the go-to resource for CEOs who want to give up blind capitalism in exchange for conscious capitalism. By doing this they can change their company culture to one that fosters health, wealth, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. This will make it possible for us to reach every employed American through their workplace.

Using our proven process, we will help CEOs pass down a new version of success that is values based and free from stress. As the workplace shifts, the people shift, America shifts, and then the world shifts.

The 40 hour work week is long gone. The average American spends on average 50-60 hours a week focused on their job or career. With only 168 hours in a week, that's almost 30% of their week. Now can you imagine spending 30% of your live in a place that you hate? That's stressful!

And if they are lucky enough to get 8-hours of sleep (which many Americans do not), they are spending another 30% in bed, just to awaken and get back to work. That's 60% of life gone either at work, sleep, or trying to forget work so you can get to sleep. That leaves only a few hours left to do everything else that matters. 

This is why Presidential Lifestyle exists. 


The American Dream use to be about whatever one could dream up. America had a reputation for being the place where anything was possible. It was the place were a man (or woman) had the chance to live out their individual dream. The dream they had since childhood. Right around the 50's, society took over and created a cookie cutter American Dream. A degree, a good job, a spouse, 2 kids, a house, and an annual vacation. 

Society told us this was the good life, when in reality this is rarely anybodies exact idea of the American Dream. That's why, at Presidential Lifestyle, we know that the American Dream is dead. Nobody can tell you what you believe, how you feel, and what you can dream. You have the freedom to dream, even if it feels impossible.  

So if you think about it, the American Dream takes away our freedom to dream. That's why the American Dream had to die. It's time for a new version of success, one that includes peace, unity, love, and all the things you can dream.

...one that truly has meaning.

If you're a CEO who is ready to create a life of meaning for you and your employees. Join our mission.  



Want to start finding more meaning today? Start by exploring our MEANINGFUL MEDITATION SERIES OR WITH A PRIVATE CONVERSATION WITH KINÉ.



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P.S. from time to time you may read that Kiné is a Financial Therapist. People often ask, what's Financial Therapy. Here's the answer: 


Financial therapy is a process that helps one redefine their idea of wealth and reconcile their emotions around money. We are all using money to get love in one way or another, financial therapy helps you uncover the ways in which you are using money to get love. Members who join our Presidential Experience Private Club and go through our financial therapy process, report improvements in their overall life satisfaction, reduction in stress and anger, and a renewed sense of self. They also report improvements in their sleep, health, physical activity, and their relationships, including their relationship with money.


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