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The biggest thing you need to know about us is that our mission is to alleviate human suffering associated with money.




Kiné Corder is a best selling author, international speaker, National Certified Counselor and the worlds #1 Clinical Financial Hypnotherapist. She speaks to and consults with healthcare professionals who want to make a difference while making money. You may remember her from the Oprah show or ABCs Extreme Makeover Show. Since then she’s spoken on stages with Les Brown, Daymond John, and other well-known speakers.  

She’s also the CEO of Presidential Lifestyle, a tech enabled wellness company focused on wealth in all of its forms. In her clinical practice she's guided celebrities, politicians, CEO's and healthcare professionals on a transformational journey to turn money into meaning. She created a program that combines existential talk therapy, financial therapy, and hypnotherapy called Breakthrough to Prosperity.

Kiné delivers this proven program to healthcare professionals in two ways. A 2-day intensive private retreat called Presidential Experience and in her virtual group called Prosperity Club. This program is designed especially for mission driven healthcare professionals who want to get the most out of their life and their practice.

A career entrepreneur with a mission to alleviate human suffering associated with money, Kiné pours herself into her patients, her community, her family, but most importantly into her own personal development. As a lifelong learner she is always looking for an interesting book, documentary, or place to travel internationally. 

Kiné says her biggest accomplishment is not on her resume, as she's most proud of being an adoptive parent. Have fun with Kiné as you follow her on Instagram where she posts her life adventures. You'll also get to know her tough but gentle style of therapy if you follow her on LinkedIn or Insight Timer where she goes live and posts free content, like her Money Mentality quiz or episodes from her Money and Meaning podcast.  

Kiné will give you the tools you need to make money while making a difference.



At Presidential Lifestyle we know that money is the number one cause of stress, whether you have it or not, and stress is the cause of many major illnesses. In our years of practice, we've learned that if you shift your idea of wealth you can shift your stress level, increase your health, gain spiritual clarity and create a life of meaning. That’s why we are a wellness company focused on wealth in all of its forms.

We find the best way to complete our company mission, to alleviate human suffering associated with money, is to teach our proven process to healthcare professionals so they can share it with their patients. We also address the stress associated with hard work by speaking to and consulting with CEOs and their employees. We help them shift company culture from a work hard bottom line mentality to a work well life of meaning mentality.

Letting go of the old idea of success is not easy; it takes time and repetition. The truth is, the old American Dream is dead now, and we have to accept that if we want to manage our stress and heal our illnesses. There is a new idea of success, one that's full of good health, wealth, love, and most of all meaning. Here at Presidential Lifestyle we share this message through hypnotherapy, meditations, conversations, and our club events. 

That's how we reach our mission, one step at a time, one health professional at a time, one CEO at a time, one company at a time. Together, we can MAKE AMERICA MEANINGFUL AGAIN by share the tools to BREAKTHROUGH TO PROSPERITY.

Kiné Corder started Presidential Lifestyle over 10-years ago as an add-on to her financial planning practice. Since then she has pivoted the company, adding new products, services, and a redefined company mission. 



Our MISSION is to alleviate human suffering associated with money. 

Our VISION is to serve 1,000 doctors per year in our Prosperity Club, giving them the tools they need to serve their patients. We also do this by sharing the tools to turn money into meaning with CEOs and their employees.

When our work is done successfully, we will become known as the wellness company created to MAKE AMERICA MEANINGFUL AGAIN.

The 40-hour work week is long gone. Americans are now working 50-60 hours a week. Since there are only 168 hours in a week, that's almost 30% of their week gone with not much to show for it. Imagine spending 30% of your life in a place that you hate. That's stressful! And the studies show that stress is cause fatal illnesses.

If that same hard working professional is lucky enough to get 7-8 hours of sleep (which many stressed out Americans do not) they are spending almost another 30% of each week in bed.  They awaken just in time to go back to work in a place that brings them stress.

We are finding in our research that, at this rate, Americans spend close to 60% of life either at work, sleep, or trying to forget work so they can get to sleep. That leaves only a few hours left to do everything else that truly matters. 

…and that’s why Presidential Lifestyle exists. 



The American Dream used to be about whatever one could dream up. America had a reputation for being the place where anything was possible. It was the place were a man (or woman) had the chance to live out their individual dream. The dream they had since childhood. Right around the 50's, society took over and created a cookie cutter American Dream. A degree, a good job, a spouse, 2 kids, a house, and an annual vacation. 

Society told us this was the good life, when in reality this is rarely anybody’s exact idea of the American Dream. That's why, at Presidential Lifestyle, we know that the standard American Dream is dead. Nobody can tell you what you can be, how you can feel, or what you can dream up. You have the freedom to dream, even if it feels impossible. Dream it anyway.

If you think about it, the standard American Dream takes away our freedom to dream. That's why the American Dream had to die. It's time for a new version of success, one that includes peace, unity, love, and all the things you can dream of, and . . .

...one that truly has meaning!

If you're a doctor or wellness professional dedicated to helping your patients heal, join our mission. We will pour into you, so you can pour into your patients.  

If you're a CEO who is ready to create a life of meaning for you and your employees, let us join your mission.  



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P.S. you may have read that Kiné is a Clinical Financial Hypnotherapist. People often ask, what's Financial Hypnotherapy. Here's the answer: 


Financial Hypnotherapy is a process that helps one redefine their idea of wealth and reconcile their emotions around money. We are all using money to get love in one way or another; financial hypnotherapy helps you uncover the ways in which you are using money to get love. The ways you are using money to fill your voids.

People who experience our financial hypnotherapy process report improvements in their overall life satisfaction, reduction in stress and anger, and a renewed sense of self. They also report improvements in their sleep, nutrition, physical activities, and their relationships, including their relationship with money.

The best part is watching our members Breakthrough to Prosperity and start customizing their own American Dream.

Thanks for your interest in Presidential Lifestyle. We are so happy you are here. Before you go. Click here and listen to the latest episode of the Money and Meaning podcast.


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