Your Money Mentality is Your Money Reality: Discover the 7-Money Mentality Types 


In my years of clinical practice, I've found there are 7-money personalities. This Money Mentality Quiz will help you name your money personality so you can tame your thoughts, feelings, and actions associated with money.

Take the Money Mentality Quiz to:

  • Learn your money strengths and challenges.
  • Gain awareness on why you keep repeating the same money behaviors and habits.
  • Then get the training to shift your money personality so you can start Embracing Wealth without burnout or guilt.  

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Learn Your Money Personality

Have you ever wondered…”why do I keep making the same money mistakes.” This course will help you answer that question.

Better Understand Your Money History

Breaking down each Money Mentality type will help you determine your money mindset and how it's affecting your ability to give and receive love.

Make a Difference and Make Money

Juggling making a difference and making money? After take the quiz, I'll show you what it takes to start Embracing Wealth in all of its forms.


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