A private club for healthcare professionals who want to breakthrough their blocks so they can get the most out of their practice and their life.


You're burnt out because society has programmed you to believe that success is about hard work. In order to lose that program and create your own idea of prosperity, you'll need guidance from Kiné Corder, the world's #1 Clinical Financial Hypnotherapist. When you join her private club, she'll give you the framework that will keep you on the Path to Prosperity.

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Have you ever heard, "doing the same thing expecting different results is the definition of insanity?" Well Kiné says, "it's the definition of humanity." We all do it. We are all repeating the same patterns. It's called programming, and it's the reason why you feel burn out.

...but what if there was a way to interrupt your patterns and shift your program, including your money program, would that interest you?


Let me explain it to you.

In the Embracing Wealth Masterclass Kiné explains how our Money Mentality is made up of old societal programming. That programming causes us to adopt belief systems that get in the way of us creating the lifestyle we deserve and desire.

Well, Kiné designed a proven system to break through that programming to shift those old believe systems. She delivers her habit shifting, comprehensive framework called BREAKTHROUGH TO PROSPERITY™ inside the club.

The Prosperity Club is a carefully curated library of resources, weekly discussion forums, and weekly live hypnotherapy. All are designed to get you on the Path to Prosperity so you can breakthrough your societal programming and get the most out of your practice and your life.

The BREAKTHROUGH TO PROSPERITY™ framework covers everything you need to overcome your old programming so you can discover, design, and execute on your own idea of prosperity. Kiné's proven process, when implemented properly, can give life new meaning. 

Prosperity Club private community combines live training sessions filled with existential therapy, financial therapy, and hypnotherapy to foster big lasting shifts. It's an interactive learning environment unlike anything else available online.

As a member you'll have access to:

  • Weekly hypnotherapy to break through the blocks keeping you from getting to your next level.
  • Weekly discussion forums covering topics pertinent to your current business and life challenges.
  • Q & A during every group session so you can get immediate feedback.
  • Plus access to our entire library of guides, tools and resources.
  • ...and so much more.

The best part is, it's all virtual so you don't have to leave your home or office to get everything you need to reach your next level in life. Click the link to become one of our exclusive members TODAY!



• You've been curious about ways to make a difference and make money. • You're tired and burned out from doing the same thing expecting a different result • You want more than the cookie cutter practice every other healthcare professional has.


This group will give you an ongoing zap of energy and a new break through strategy for success that keeps you aligned with your money mission and get to the top of your game professionally. 

It's ongoing interaction because you and I both know a lot of people who get inspired by one book or one video and then lose their fire and MOMENTUM as they get back to real life.



I’m Kiné Corder, the world’s #1 Clinical Financial Hypnotherapist. As a former Morgan Stanley financial advisor and current National Certified Counselor, I've honed a unique set of skills to help healthcare professionals break through their old societal programming so they can earn, grow, protect, gift, and enjoy their money while making a difference.

I bet you and I could work together successfully. Click the link and get started today.

Thousands of healthcare professionals all over the world are losing sleep, stressing out, and burning out... they juggle the delicate mix between making a difference and making money. All because society has programmed them to believe that life is about one American Dream that everyone must achieve, but that's just not true. Prosperity means different things to different people. Let me help you discover what prosperity means to you. Won't you join me in my private club?

"I hated feeling stressed and angry all the time. As a doctor, I believed that stress was just part of the job. I felt stuck and I hated my practice. Can't explain it, but something in the Prosperity Club changed me. I'm more calm, more clear, and that's all I ever wanted."

Larry N.
CEO in Los Angeles, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll receive:

  • A LIVE 90-minute session with Clinical Financial Hypnotherapist, Kiné Corder, in which she will administer hypnotherapy and answer your questions. (Recording of session available.)
  • Weekly conversations on topics pertinent to your daily practice. This is the part that's like a facebook group. These peer-to-peer discussions will help you get immediate feedback and answers from Kiné, her team, and your colleagues. 
  • Aside from the weekly forum discussions, you'll have access to our library of resources, tools, mediations, and on-demand guides.
  • You'll gain the clarity you need to shift your old American Dream program and design your own idea of prosperity.
  • Periodically Kiné offers special pricing for one-on-one sessions and on the Presidential Experience Private Retreat.

Prosperity Club is priced very low so we don't offer a trial. However, we always have a 30-day money back guarantee. So you can try it out and if you find it's not for you, let us know before the 30-days is up and we will get you a full refund. Prosperity Club is packed with so much value, it's our best offer this year.  


Join the club now with our very low trial offer, the meditation series, the money back guarantee and the special offer; you'll see once you purchase your trial membership, that it's so much value. A small investment for a big impact on your life.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on most of our paid programs and resources, but not on the private conversations with Kiné. So you can get started now and, if for some reason you find it's not for you, you can get a full refund if you cancel before the 30-days ends. If you happen to be one of the lucky one's to get a private session with Kiné, we cannot offer a refund on the private conversation but we know for sure you will not be disappointed, Kiné is gifted at what she does. You're mind will be blown.

She knows your struggles and challenges so she is confident that  you belong in the club and will want to stay and join the conversation each week.

So go ahead and get in here.

Most of our members are:

  • Healthcare professionals who are dedicated to their own Money Mission.
  • Healthcare professionals who can admit they have struggled with making a difference and making money in the past but are ready to leave all that in the past. 
  • Our members are aware that they are stressed because the American Dream was programmed into their heads...but they're also aware that there's a new version of success now and they want it.
  • We are all respectful of professional development, personal growth, business success, and most importantly, each other.
  • Some are single, but some are married and have children, including adopted children like the twin daughters Kiné has.
  • Most aspire to become more than they already are and share their wisdom with the world.
  • They're all looking for the formula to create a life of meaning. One full of wealth, good health and love. They want if for themselves and their loved ones.
  • Bottom line? The members of the private club are all looking to maximize all areas of their lives and they are willing to invest in themselves in order to do that.

However, this is not an empowerment group and it is not motivation. It's not coaching. It's not a course. It's a series of conversations lead by an expert in her field who has created a proven system that gives members big shifts in a short amount of time.

You have to come to this experience already motivated and empowered. There are plenty of places to get empowerment and coaching, so you won't get that here. You'll get strategy, tools, comradery, and straight up honesty.

Also, understand this club can benefit anyone, but in our experience, high-achieving healthcare professionals thrive most in the group and enjoy sharing our products and service with their patients and loved ones. 

We don't discriminate or degrade in the private club. We do laugh at feel free to join if you can handle a few bold words and some real talk. If you are highly sensitive you may be offended.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no racism, no sexism, no ageism, absolutely no "isms" here. Only honor, love and curiosity. So if you're a person of integrity, curiosity, honor and courage. Join us!

We find when people have a lot of questions it's because they are interested, but just making excuses. So here's our suggestion: we encourage you to join, then pose your questions in the club. Someone else may have the same question and we'd love to be able to interact with you in real time. Plus, there's a money back guarantee, so what do you have to lose?

You can only get so much from a static landing go ahead and click the link below or above and jump into the conversation. It's happening with or without you...wouldn't you rather be part of the discussion?

Don't get left out, we'd love to wait for you, but we are go-getters, so we are going to get going now. If you're a go-getter too, let's get going together. Click the link below or one of those links you passed, to get started now. 


Will you keep doing the same thing expecting a different result? Now that you're here, you don't have to anymore. Click the green button below. Let's get you the BREAKTHROUGH TO PROSPERITY™ you're longing for.


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