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Our TAME YOUR BRAIN CORPORATE THERAPY Program consists of one-on-one, group and on-demand session to address  variety of mental health needs. There are three levels to our Corporate Therapy program.

LEVEL 1 - The CEO is at the center of the organization, so you'll receive one-on-one support from a dedicated TAME YOUR BRAIN CORPORATE THERAPIST set to your schedule and at your convenience.

LEVEL 2 - Your leadership team is fully supported with a preset private weekly group and a monthly scheduled one-on-one session with a dedicated TAME YOUR BRAIN CORPORATE THERAPIST.

LEVEL 3 - Gives your support team access to several preset weekly group sessions to choose from. 

Each level has access to on-demand sessions and third party mental health resources when extra support is needed. (additional fees may apply.)

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  • How to use mental health tools to TAME YOUR BRAIN, rather than just talking about your feelings. 
  • Essential steps for reduce stress and increase peace of mind quickly.
  • How to gain control by letting go and you'll do it in the first 30-days of the program. (Sounds impossible, but we will guide you.)

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