How to evolve in your career with Producer, Director Mark A. Burley

podcast Jan 06, 2020

Orange is The New Black, Glow, and Weeds are just a few of the titles you might know that were produced or directed by our guest Mark A. Burley. He always wanted to be a director but producing was his way into the film and television industry. After years of producing Mark's  vision, purpose and negotiation skills helped him evolve into directing. He will share is story and give us the stress management tips he used along the way.  Listen now and you'll find out how producer, director Mark A. Burley not only got his start but evolved in his film and television career. 
On a plane ride between Atlanta and Los Angeles we discussed prosperity, stress, life outside of work, but most importantly evolving in your career. 
7:20 - What does prosperity mean to you?
  • People see it as wealth and money.
  • I think it’s more about being successful, striving, succeeding, and doing well.
  • The most prosperous people have evolved
11:04 - Mark explains the...
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What’s Not On Your Resume?

podcast Jan 05, 2020

What’s not on your resume is a question I ask professionals I work with who are either stuck in the past or too far in the future. I’ll reveal a few small changes you can make to update your life resume as well as your professional resume.

Are you stuck in the past or are you daydreaming so much about the future that you can’t get anything done right now? Want to get more things on your resume and be proud about the things that are on there now? Listen to this episode now.

Let me also add that many of the things that make you who you are don't make it to the resume. I talk about some of my life defining moments and I'd love to here more about yours after you listen to this episode, leave a comment.


  • Poem by Kiné Corder
  • I wrote that poem when I was on ABCs Extreme Makeover show
  • Writing the poem allowed me to resolve that part of my story
  • Where do you put “surviving childhood teasing,” on your resume
  • That little girl who had to stand up...
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Never make another resolution this instead

podcast Jan 01, 2020

Happy New Year my favorite Prosperity Pro! Question, how many times have you made resolutions? Probably every year, right? How many times have you broken those resolutions? Probably every year, right? That’s because your brain doesn’t take resolutions seriously. In this episode I walk you through a much better way to get the lasting change you are clearly looking for. This episode will help you get to a life of clarity, focus and meaning with the lifestyle changes you know you are are capable of. Listen now, get the tools you need and get a little update on all the changes going on here at Presidential Lifestyle. We have done so much to make 2020 the year of plenty for you and our team.
Want to know how close or far you are from finding the meaning of life. Take the meaning of life quiz. Go to
Show notes link available here:
Welcome to 2020! Are you...
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Meaning makes the world go round

podcast Nov 27, 2019



They say, “money makes the world go round.” At Presidential Lifestyle we say, “meaning makes the world go round.” Why…because no matter how many titles you acquire, no matter how many pretty girls you have on your arm, and no matter how many things you buy, you won’t feel fulfilled until your life has meaning. In this episode I give you 4 lessons that I learned on my search for meaning. I used to pursue money and I never felt complete, but on my quest for success I found meaning and that not only completed my life, it changed by business and this podcast. Listen and get ready to journey with me to find the meaning of life.


Find your purpose

  • Sometimes we have to go through trial and error to find out what we truly desire.
  • Every brilliant expert was once a brilliant student

 Life is full of fluctuation

  • Like the stock market there are ups and downs.
  • Staying true to your meaning will help you stay afloat.
  • Focus on...
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How to set goals that are free from stress Part 2

podcast Nov 20, 2019



“How can I reach my goals?” That question can be stressful. That’s why I ask myself a different question. If you shift to this question you will lower your stress and reach your goals faster. We talk all about it in this episode. I share the most important question I use in my practice that will reduce the stress around goal setting. And as I mentioned last week, it starts with shifting the word goals to the word targets. I don’t have to tell you to set a goal, I’m sure you are doing that. I’m focused on helping you reduce the stress around reaching your goals. By the end of this second episode you will have 3-new shifts you can make to lower the stress associated with hitting your targets. So listen now and get started.


  • Set smaller milestones to reach each target
  • Put fun, adventure, and love on your schedule first to achieve your WOW Factor target
  • Break down your annual goal into quarterly goals. This helps your brain...
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How to set goals that are free from stress Part 1


Have you ever had an obstacle that got in the way of your target? Of course. We all have. So what do you do when you think you will miss your target? You get stressed, I'm guessing. This is a reality many high-achievers face, but don't always have someone to talk to about it. In this episode, we are not talking about goal setting. You are a don't need that.  Listen now and you'll get the four W’s to help you get around obstacles, so you can hit those targets free from stress. You do need that. Listen now and start reduce your stress. This way, your annual goals don’t overwhelm you, they fuel you.


Focus on your target

  • What you focus on can manifest so it’s best to redirect your energy and thoughts into positive directions
  • Take away distractions that can get you off focus.

 Learn what is important to you

  • In order to make stress free goals it's important to know what's important to you and why.
  • Remembering where...
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Does the saying "Let Go and Let God" mean this to you?

You don’t hear me use the word "God" often because I usually say “The Universe.” Today I have to say “God” because that’s who gave me this message to you.
Today, I am announcing what we are referring to as a “Presidential Pause.” In this blog post I will explain what our Presidential Pause is, why we are taking it, and what we hope to accomplish by doing it.
When you hear the words “Let go and let God,” what do you think about? I think about surrendering to the calling. I think about allowing rather than controlling. I think about how much better God’s plan is then my plan. I also think about how easy it will be if I let my higher power guide me.
You may use the word God often. You may even use the phrase “Let Go and Let God.” If you don’t use the phrase, you might start after I explain why it is so important to me now.
Presidential Pause
First, I want to explain what we...
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5 Aspects of Holistic Health

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2019

There are 5-aspects of holistic health. They all work together and the more you pay attention to them, the easier they become. People are programmed to believe that they do not control their health. They believe that the body is going to do whatever it wants to do.

People are also intimidated by the thousands of way to approach the 5-aspects to holistic health. This scares most people away from even considering taking control. There are many misconceptions in the world around health. One of them is that being healthy holistically is hard. That is a misconception. Keep read and you'll find the 5-aspects of holistic health are pretty simple. 

Clearing misconceptions

We have been lead to believe that our genes determine our destiny. The truth is our behaviors and habits are more responsible for how we look and feel than just our family genetics. Yes, it is true our genes give us blue eyes, blond hair, a blood type as well as other identifying...

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2-things keeping you from loving your life

Did you know that you can love the life you have right now, while you create the life you desire? You can...but there is an art to it, and I’ll share it with you in this post. However, first I’d like to clear up some misconceptions.  

Happiness misconception

Have you ever felt like everyone else had the key to happiness except you? That’s because social media is lying to you, making you feel left out. Maybe you feel like you didn’t get the invite to happiness or the memo. Is that right? Well it’s just not true. There was no memo. Just society and social media tricking you into believing there was.

Don’t believe it. In this blog post, I’ll reveal what you need in order to love your life.

Not everyone has the perfect body, the perfect marriage, the perfect kids, perfect meals, or the perfect house. In fact, rare is the person who has all of these things in tack. Most of us have strengths and areas were we excel, but most of us are also...

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My Medieval Times Atlanta Review and Happy Birthday Gift

enjoy giveaways Dec 26, 2018

This post is going to serve two purposes. One, I invite you to experience Medieval Times and will tell you 2-different ways you can get free tickets, just for being a loyal Prospro. Two, this post will also serve as a Medieval Times review. So let us start there.

(Please read the next part in your old medieval voice.)

Medieval Times Review Atlanta

M’Lords and M’Ladies,

Prepare to be informed and maybe even entertained as I deliver you my Medieval Times Review. During my visit to the castle the chancellor announced several guest celebrating different things. There were people celebrating birthdays (like me), others celebrating the holiday season, while others were celebrating anniversaries. That told me that, there is always a good reason to go to Medieval Times. In fact, you don’t need a reason to celebrate because the queen invites you to celebrate life with her.

It was an honor to join the queen on my day of birth to choose the strongest knight. The excitement...

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