Letter to my Prosperity Pro

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2020

Dear Prosperity Pro,

I'm writing you this letter from my heart. I think it's important that you know this. You finally have someone who understands you and who is ready to listen. I'd like to be the guide that leads you to your Breakthrough to Prosperity.

Some of my good friends and family members have gone through the Breakthrough to Prosperity framework with me and I feel so blessed to have gone on the journey with them. I’ve seen them through hard times and dark days, and nothing brings me more joy than to see them on the other side.

You and I aren’t friends yet, but I’d like to talk to you like you're one of them. If you’ve been watching me for a while you know that I’m no-nonsense, but you also know that I’m no judgement. I want the same things for you that I want for myself; peace and prosperity.

I don’t like to see you struggle, stress, or pour your heart into something only to see little results. I know how painful that is. I did it for so long. I was a giver, my Money Mentality was HERO. And boy did I like to save people.

I thought it would get me love, approval, and acceptance. I thought it meant I was making a difference, but it didn’t. All it did was cause me to feel frustrated, used, and unappreciated. In the past, I was stressed out most days, trying to live with my societal programming. Once I made the decision to change all of that, I’ve never felt more peaceful, alive, and satisfied.

I get to say no when things are outside of my boundaries. I get to say yes even when it’s not what everyone else would want me to do. I get to customize my Money Mission and design my idea of prosperity.

Like you, I’m different from everyone else. I realize that and I can finally stop trying to fit in. Today, I stand out! I make waves, I set trends…and I don’t care if they catch on.  Lol!

I get paid for being me. I’m having so much fun in my business these days, (even through the pandemic) because I've made a name for myself. Everyday isn’t sunshine and blue skies…some days are raining, and even dark. But I take the good with the bad, and I get through it.

You can get through it; you can break through it. I can help you, but you have to be in the club. This is where I put my time and energy and if I’m going to put my time and energy into you, my friend, we have to do it in Prosperity Club.

Look, I get it, commiting to another program or resource is a time and financial investment. I promise you, when you become a member you are going to feel like you got more than your money's worth. How did you feel after the masterclass. You probably felt like you owed me money, right? LBS!

I love pouring into you. Whether it's the FREE masterclass, a low on-demand course, or the full program, I'm giving you everything I've got. You are going to feel like you didn’t pay enough. You are going to get so much value that you will want to do the same thing I did with you, for someone else.

I’ll wrap it up because I want to keep this letter short. I want you to know I care about you, but I don’t want you to do it for me. If you are on the fence because you don’t trust yourself to make another decision, then choose no. Don’t click the link. You’re not ready. If you are on the fence because you would rather keep doing the same thing expecting a different result, then don’t click the link. Choose no…

…but if you are on the fence because you aren’t sure if it’s worth it, if you will get enough out of it, or if you will take advantage of the program…don’t worry about all that. We are going to guide you through the program, so you get the most out of it, and so that you feel supported and taken care of.

My team is caring and attentive. I am too. I want to see you shine. I do this work because of the transformations I get to see, not just because of the dollars I receive. The money is the sauce, the main dish is the transformation I get to witness. That’s what feeds me.

So, let’s get going. Either you’re in or you’re out. I’d rather you be a hard YES or NO, then confused. Let us know that you're not ready to move forward by doing nothing. Let us know that you’re ready to take action by clicking the link below. 

Here is the link to join Prosperity Club with the special offer. Click here now, before it's too late! This offer won't last long.

I’ll see you in the club.

Here’s to your prosperity,

Kiné Corder, MA, NCC

World’s #1 Financial Hypnotherapist

P.S. Let us know if you still have questions by emailing [email protected].


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