A letter to a future Prosperity Pro

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2019

Hello my future Prosperity Pro,

Here is an invitation for you to join PROSPERITY CLUB today.

You’ve been working so hard to figure it all out on your own. You’ve been talking about the life you know exist and you’ve been getting up each morning going after it with all you’ve got and you’ve been going to bed each night wondering why it isn’t happening and you are stress and frustrated. I get it.

That’s because it doesn’t take hard work grow a company. The key is doing heart work, with genousity, and empathy and you will have everything your heart desires. The key is getting clarity, direction, and finding connection.

You will love your life and your business, and you'll attract more income with ease. When you reduce stress and increase your income, it will feel so good. That good feeling will multiply and allow you to create more of what you want...letting go of the programming, the complaining, the comparisons, and most importantly the self doubt.

You probably don’t believe me. That’s how good society is at programming you. It has removed the idea that there are any other options then working hard and feeling stress. What if I could show you how to reduce stress? What if I could show you how it could be easier than you think. Would you stop believing in society and follow your own dreams?

In Prosperity Club we get down to the bottom of it all. How to stop comparing and start repair your mindset, your money, your business, and your life and you don’t have to do it alone. I’m going to give you the first steps to gaining confidence, self-awareness, and control in the first 21-days.

We will journey together each week and I’ll pour everything I can into you. I promise.

I’ll give you the keys to happiness and help you get on your path to prosperity. At the end of each coaching session, you will have the action plan you need to enjoy your business . We call this your prosperity plan.

Let’s talk more about the courses and the coaching. The club is called PROSPERITY CLUB and in the BONUS course I offered you, I lead a 21-day journey that shifts your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors first, so you can feel more in control, confident, and complete. This is a big step toward reducing stress.

I included an additional bonus course to keep you on track so that you never have to be bullied by society or tricked by social media ever again. That's called Crash Course in Financial Confidence.

Throughout our months of coaching in Prosperity Club you’ll learn the ABC's of Confidence, how to Navigate the Money Cycle, and even how to maximize your life. All of this will help you increase your income, reduce your stress, and give you the tools you need to remove your blocks to business success. 

You’ll be empowered, informed, and inspired to take action. If you are afraid to do it on your own. NO WORRIES…you're not alone. There is a group of powerful achievers, like you, taking the steps with you...and I'll guide the way. Don’t you want to be a part of a group like that?

Everything you need you have inside of you already, I'm going to show you how to let it out.

So it’s possible to become a version of yourself that you can really be proud of. In fact, with the right guidance it’s easy. You were born confident, we all were. Until society chipped away at it and left you (all of us) with self-doubt. Let’s put the pieces back together.

Ask yourself the right questions and you’ll get the answers you’re looking for. Like, what’s going well? Who do I have to be to feel more confident, how would I like to show up in the world, what’s my idea of prosperity, and what would it take to get there?

I’ll help you find the answers to these questions plus:

  • Change your thinking
  • Change your feeling
  • Change your actions

Join me and one powerful group of achievers on this transformational journey to reduce stress and increase your income, so you can feeling more confident financially and financially. Join Prosperity Club now: Click here 

Just go ahead and Click here, if you’d like to join me and other Prosperity Pros...as we journey the path to peace and prosperity.

It’s a low cost, monthly journey with me and my team of coaches, plus a tribe of achievers. We will guide you through the most powerful year you’ve ever had. Starting with the first 21-days.  

And if you complete the course you may have the chance to share your success story on my podcast, Prosperity Report.

Learn to increase your income, reduce your stress, and remove your blocks to business success once and for all. Stop comparing and start repairing your mindset, your money, your business, and your life and do it with this powerful tribe. Join Prosperity Club now.

Are you ready to go from complaining and comparing to controlled and confident...

I feel confident in this club and in your ability to add value to it. I look forward to seeing you become a Prosperity Pro (a Prospro). So, I’ll see you in the club.

Remember these takeaways from our masterclass

Cause of unhappiness - complaining, comparison and misconceptions

Cause of stress - confusion, distractions, and isolation

Where the problem lies - society is a bully and you've been negatively programmed to work hard

You’re not alone - many achievers like you have felt left out, alone, and overworked.

What you can do about it - be a lifelong learner, show your authenticity, build or find your tribe.

Take Action - Join the Prosperity Club today

I look forward to seeing you become a prosperity pro (a Prospro)

I’ll see you in the club.


P.S. If you still feel a little scared, register today so that you can get your one-on-one consultation. That may help to ease your fears. I have a way of making people feel better. It's my gift. So allow me to use my gifts to help you discover your gifts.


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