How to stay healthy and maintain peace of mind through COVID-19 crisis

podcast Mar 23, 2020

You are stressed because of COVID-19, am I right? Please don't let this get you down for too long. You are bigger than this virus or any crisis. I am here to activate you and get you back to peace. I have some ideas on how to release some of the fear based information out there and shift your mindset. Join me for a Virtual Peace Party. I talk all about it in this episode. P.S. I even share my silly conspiracy opinions and I give you links to join me for FREE or a small fee. Listen now.
We are a virtual company and we are happy that is our core business model. We want to continue to serve you, our core members but also your family members.
Separate yourself from all the external voices. Listen to your own voice. Not the fear based voice but that wisdom based voice.
Here are some links for you:
General Resource page:
Free Meditations:
Build your immune system:
Control the Controllable Guide on Insight Timer:
I'm going to create a link for the Virtual Peace Party for my team members so we can be there for the youth, moms, and single ladies.
We are working hard to get everything up and running. Coming soon. In the meantime take the quiz and give us your best email address so we can keep you updated.
I'll add some public resources for wealthy and for those getting wealthy ready on the resource page.

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