Presidential Update: We Rebranded!

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2020

Presidential Update: Rebranding for More Money, More Members, and a Bigger Team

Do you track the progress of your business? We do. And we share it with you. Our way of practicing what we preach, showing you our wins, and allowing you to journey with us is to give you the blow-by-blow behind the scenes look once a quarter in the form of this podcast. In this update, we talk about rebranding, revenue, and our growing team. We had some wins but we took some "L’s" last quarter too. Want to hear all about it?

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  • In 2019, we redefined our target community. We took a deep dive into the pain points of our listeners and community. We asked questions and listened to what our community’s needs were and how to address it.

  • Progression is happening. Even though the target for Black Friday wasn’t successful, the message was tighter and the team grew!

  • Since rebranding, we’ve had a huge shift in merchandise being sold.

  • Our InsightTimer program produced results and most importantly changed lives.

  • When rebranding, a CEO must pay attention to the numbers and not make decisions based on emotion.

Now & New 

  • Kinè targets to focus on the curriculum for the company in 2020. Moving forward, she will focus on learning to understand what works in the business model. She aims to find the right pace and gain feedback into how to continuously improve our processes. She will be incorporating new people into the company (Ashlee, Amy, JC & Chavez). For each new team member, there has been a positive shift in growth for the company. She will continue to interview and gain insight into the male perspective on stress. 

  • Tarah will be focusing on spreading the Meaning over Money message via social media and booking Kiné for speaking gigs. Tarah is working with Fran to create an updated one sheet which highlights Kiné’s accomplishments as a public figure. 

  • Francine, as mentioned above is working alongside Tarah to produce an updated one sheet. Her target is to keep Kiné’s podcast schedule on track and engage the community. She aims to have Kiné featured on other podcasts, even if it isn’t our core group, it’s a new positive reach for the company. 

New Ideas 

  • Occasionally new ideas  will formulate too fast and it can lead to downfall because everything has to be aligned perfectly. 

  • It’s important to have a team who can balance you and let you know to slow down. 

New Targets

  • Grow community by adding new members. 

  • Find 16 CEO’s for our new book and documentary.

  • Create new content, increase enrollment. 

Diversity at Presidential Lifestyle 

  • We have a diverse team. Demographically, our youngest team member is 20 and our oldest is oldest 46. This has been a great asset to our brand in terms of diversity.

  • The diversity adds to the scope of ideas and possibilities.  

  • The range in our cultural backgrounds and race sets a high standard, raises the bar and creates conversations for the challenges we face as a company. 

  • We want to continue to create a ways to produce challenging content and communicate to our members/listeners. 


  • Moving to Vegas was not only something that needed to be done, but something that was going to create great change. 

  • Positive thinking in a “negative space” is what manifests positive transitions. 

  • When the universe is giving you a share of unfavorable situations, it is nudging you to make changes to allow greatness to come to you. 

  • Presidential Lifestyle is all about prosperity and positivity. We speak things into existence. 

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Man's search for meaning over money may lead to the question, "What's the Meaning of Life?"



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