CBD is it for me and how do I make money?

podcast Jan 08, 2020


Have you been curious about CBD? Do you have questions? On one hand it's a new trend. On another hand we've always known that CBD has medicinal qualities to relieve pain, anxiety, nausea, and even more. Most people didn't have access to it but over the last few years with the legalization of marijuana and new technology, CBD, and even hemp are more readily available, sought after and utilized. In this episode we share with you how you can not only benefit from the medicinal qualities but how you can also make money in the CBD industry. 


What is CBD?

  • It is an elite compound found in the Cannabis plant which has been used medically for over ten thousand years and documented eight thousand years B.C., for healing purposes.
  • Also known as a superfood, very heavy in protein, containing all 20 amino acids and has the perfect ratio of Omega’s 3, 6 and 9.
  • Cili by design contains 0% THC (which is the part of the Cannabis plant that gets you high).

What are some benefits of CBD?

  • All bodies contain 32.2 trillion cells in our bodies that all carry CBD receptors in each cell.
  • Great for pain, inflammation, sleeping, anxiety, glaucoma, skin clearing.
  • CBG - a cannabinoid that helps counteract the paranoid and intense feelings

CBD is not for everyone - The Hager Family Story

As the Hager family’s son once suffered from severe scoliosis, after surgery and much physical therapy he still suffered from chronic pain - with much research they decided that CBD oil could help.

Upon trying to find the right CBD oil for him, they discovered a technology that was created by four scientists with 9 PHD’s and discovered that even though we have 34 CBD receptors on each cell, not all humans can absorb or break down each nutritional practical of the CBD into their immune system in its rawest form if it is not broken down by the aquocenimal nanotechnology properly in seven steps.

This helps break down the CBD into a fraction of water molecules so it can properly be absorbed down your digestive tract.

On their journey to cure their son’s pain he soon developed a severe cause of eczema and in 8 days of taking their CBD supplement his skin cleared up, which drove the Hanger family to pursue Cili as a purposeful and heartfelt experience. 

Products provided by Cili by Design

  • Cili Swish
  • Cili Boost
  • Cili Serenity
  • Cili Sleep
  • Cili Relief


CEO advice

  • One of the biggest problems with CBD is the absorption in which the Cili company has founded some of the best technology in order to go from the typical 15% to 90% absorption.
  • The second biggest problem is affordability for it’s quality by which the Cili company has also accommodated to.
  • If you want to make a billion dollar company solve a 10 million dollar problem.
  • Best business advice become an avid reader.
  • Find a mentor thats active, successful and accessible

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