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podcast Jan 01, 2020

Happy New Year my favorite Prosperity Pro! Question, how many times have you made resolutions? Probably every year, right? How many times have you broken those resolutions? Probably every year, right? That’s because your brain doesn’t take resolutions seriously. In this episode I walk you through a much better way to get the lasting change you are clearly looking for. This episode will help you get to a life of clarity, focus and meaning with the lifestyle changes you know you are are capable of. Listen now, get the tools you need and get a little update on all the changes going on here at Presidential Lifestyle. We have done so much to make 2020 the year of plenty for you and our team.
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Welcome to 2020! Are you ready to evolve? For the entire month of January we’ll be focused on evolution. There have been lots of changes with the show including a name change to the Presidential Experience!
On today’s show, we’re going to focus on why you need to stop making resolutions and what you can do instead. Resolutions are temporary but evolutions last.
In episode 68 and 69, we focused on setting your big targets and how to set that foundation. Now, we need to focus on that next step: evolving into your greatness.
  • Why power over will power
  • Overcoming that mental struggle to change what is familiar
  • How to make the pleasure outweigh the pain
  • How the Presidential Experience can help you be accountable to the changes you want to make.
  • Episode 68
  • Episode 69
  • You may also enjoy getting caught up on episode 70
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