Meaning makes the world go round

podcast Nov 27, 2019



They say, “money makes the world go round.” At Presidential Lifestyle we say, “meaning makes the world go round.” Why…because no matter how many titles you acquire, no matter how many pretty girls you have on your arm, and no matter how many things you buy, you won’t feel fulfilled until your life has meaning. In this episode I give you 4 lessons that I learned on my search for meaning. I used to pursue money and I never felt complete, but on my quest for success I found meaning and that not only completed my life, it changed by business and this podcast. Listen and get ready to journey with me to find the meaning of life.


Find your purpose

  • Sometimes we have to go through trial and error to find out what we truly desire.
  • Every brilliant expert was once a brilliant student

 Life is full of fluctuation

  • Like the stock market there are ups and downs.
  • Staying true to your meaning will help you stay afloat.
  • Focus on your why.

 Push through the pain

  • Male or female you can master your craft and become a high-achiever,
  • When you learn to let your meaning be your drive nobody can stop you.
  • Understand that because of those ups and downs you will feel like you are failing out times. You aren’t, we all go through this and I know it can be painful.
  • What you focus on expands, continue to stay positive and focus on what’s going well or what’s working even if it gets harder to do so.

 The answers you need are inside of you!

  • If anyone can help you, it’s you – you have already taken yourself to success but meaning is different. It’s not something you work hard at, it’s something you allow and accept.
  • Accept your calling, your meaning and things will begin to flow in your life.
  • You’ll know you are off the path as things get harder, make the adjustments.
  • In life, we all need a guide, let me be the guide for you.


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