What’s Not On Your Resume?

podcast Jan 06, 2020

What’s not on your resume is a question I ask professionals I work with who are either stuck in the past or too far in the future. I’ll reveal a few small changes you can make to update your life resume as well as your professional resume.

Are you stuck in the past or are you daydreaming so much about the future that you can’t get anything done right now? Want to get more things on your resume and be proud about the things that are on there now? Listen to this episode now.

Let me also add that many of the things that make you who you are don't make it to the resume. I talk about some of my life defining moments and I'd love to here more about yours after you listen to this episode, leave a comment.


  • Poem by Kiné Corder
  • I wrote that poem when I was on ABCs Extreme Makeover show
  • Writing the poem allowed me to resolve that part of my story
  • Where do you put “surviving childhood teasing,” on your resume
  • That little girl who had to stand up for herself is still standing up for herself today
  • What’s not on your resume
  • What are you overlooking
  • What are you ashamed of
  • What haven’t you done yet
  • My nephew gave me advice about paying attention to what I’ve done as much as I focus on what I want to do 
  • When you are listening to others you may not get a chance to talk about your accomplishments
  • Find prestige in the past and current accomplishments
  • They all add up to your great story
  • Stop overlooking your accomplishment
  • Start counting them…each and everyone of them
  • What experiences have fueled you and strengthened you
  • You don’t have to tell the story to own and honor the accomplishments
  • Your self-esteem is a very important thing and no, you can’t take that away from me
  • Is it ok for you to be ok…even though that thing that happen to you was not ok
  • Your story doesn’t have to hold you back and block you
  • Don’t get overwhelmed by all your good ideas
  • You don’t have to recreate the coaching wheel copy the best
  • Get a mentor or take a class
  • Decide, prioritize, and stick to it
  • Otherwise it will never happen and it won’t be on your resume
  • Don’t let fear get in the way of your success
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway
  • That’s what it means to be brave
  • Learn to get rid of the idea that you are not good enough (you can do this in Prosperity Club)
  • Overwhelm and distractions keep us from getting our dreams on our resume
  • Laziness stops you from getting the things 
  • There is no place for laziness in purpose
  • Confusion keeps you from getting those things on your resume


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