5 Aspects of Holistic Health

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2019

There are 5-aspects of holistic health. They all work together and the more you pay attention to them, the easier they become. People are programmed to believe that they do not control their health. They believe that the body is going to do whatever it wants to do.

People are also intimidated by the thousands of way to approach the 5-aspects to holistic health. This scares most people away from even considering taking control. There are many misconceptions in the world around health. One of them is that being healthy holistically is hard. That is a misconception. Keep read and you'll find the 5-aspects of holistic health are pretty simple. 

Clearing misconceptions

We have been lead to believe that our genes determine our destiny. The truth is our behaviors and habits are more responsible for how we look and feel than just our family genetics. Yes, it is true our genes give us blue eyes, blond hair, a blood type as well as other identifying characteristics but our eating habits and work out routines are all our own.

Growing up in a family, we share meal times, favorite recipes, and traditions. As we get older and grow up we choose to continue those traditions and habits, for most it becomes second nature, which is why most family members have a similar body habitus. However, if you’re someone looking to do your own thing, there are plenty of ways to start your own path to health.


The first aspect of holistic health is mindset. When you decide that you want to take control and responsibility for your health you gain power over the habits your family and society have passed down to you.

A simple way to start on the 5-aspects of holistic health is by using the phrase MISS.


M is for movement. A little or a lot you need to move on a regular basis. The studies show a minimum of 3-4x a week for 30min including cardiovascular and some weight training. But if we all understood how exercise is the most transformative thing you can do for your brain, we’d do some multiple times every day. A single workout has been shown to release hormones and improve your ability to focus attention up to 2 hours as well as improve reaction times. These protective aspects for the brain will help delay degenerative brain diseases.


Intake is the I. Intake of both water and food. Although there are formulas for the amount of water that should be consumed (1/2 your body weight in ounces) daily, the reality is if there is any color to your urine, drink more. You are well hydrated when your urine runs clear. The other part of intake is food. The American Cancer Society and American Heart & Diabetes Associations recommend 7-13 raw servings of fruits and vegetables daily (more if you work out heavy or have other issues that cause increased oxidative stress). Most people admit to getting 3 in on average daily, and for some, that includes the wilted lettuce on their burger…lol, sad but true. There are easier ways to increase this number.


The first S stands for Sleep. Our bodies repair and regenerate during sleep which means we need it! Those who brag about “getting by” on no sleep or only a few hours of sleep are doing the body a disservice. The important thing to remember is to stop eating 2-3 hours before bed in order to have digested all your food so that the body can start the repair process.

Stress management

The second S stands for Stress management. There have been countless studies showing that stress has a negative impact on the body but just how much is still being studied. Suffice it to say, stress puts a strain on the brain and its hormones which trickles down to all the organ systems of the body, making them work harder and wear down faster.

The goal is to find ways to decrease stress, like movement, check your sleep habits, and drinking more water. The smallest deficiency in your daily water intake can show up as irritation. You may be fighting with your kids or spouse because you need to drink more water or get more movement. There are other modalities that will decrease your stress including meditation, reading, playing with pets, cooking, cleaning or whatever helps to de-stress.

These 5-aspects of holistic health are a great start to loving your life, your body, and yourself even more. 

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